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Blind, reckless or just plain mean?

By - Jul 28th, 2010 04:00 am
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What is wrong with the GOP? Are they blind, reckless or just plain mean? They must see that reinforcing their stereotype as the Party Of The Rich is not a good idea.

They have unanimously said “No… hell, no” to every budget proposal floated their way, yet are willing to make an exception to give money to the rich. Rich. Rich. Rich. Rich. Rich. Rich. Rich.

Curious mantra.

During an election year, it’s like hitting the upstairs maid with a splintered 2×4 while conducting interviews for a new butler. Word gets out. People talk. You hear things.

Republican Senators are responsible for blocking three attempts to extend unemployment insurance and bragging about it. And they are determined to continue filibustering until Democrats come up with cuts in other programs to make it budget neutral.

Which makes a certain amount of sense. “You want to eat this week? Then put that video game back on the shelf, mister. And don’t give me that face. I’ll give you something to cry about.”

The problem is, Republicans only triple lock their wallets when a Democrat is in the White House. When George W. Bush was President, they used pneumatic tubes to siphon money from the mint as quickly as possible. A trillion for the Pharmaceuticals here, a couple trillion for some pre-emptive wars there. Another trillion in tax cuts for rich people.

In 2002, somewhere between his third and fourth myocardial infarctions, Dick Cheney told Treasury Secretary O’Neill, “Ronald Reagan taught us deficits don’t matter.”

And apparently neither do heart attacks. Does this guy even have a pulse anymore?

Because of Congress’ inaction, 375,000 American workers are losing unemployment benefits every week. Its obvious Mitch McConnell’s intent is to deny Obama any political victory while sucking up to the Tea Partiers with his newly-unearthed fiscal responsibility, but he might want to remember that people without jobs can read newspapers, too. In libraries.

As a matter of fact, they often have an excess of free time to campaign and stuff envelopes and get out the vote.

It’s easy to understand why Republicans hate giving money to the poor. Poor people are icky. They never know which fork to use and, good heavens, those shoes! But most importantly, poor people seldom top any respectable list of major political campaign donors. As opposed to the rich, who understand that money gets you access, access provides influence and before you know it you’re in the back room of the Capitol Grille on your second pitcher of margaritas helping write regulations that allow lethal doses of magnesium in 2 percent milk.

The United States Capitol, where action happens. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

So, though they talk the budget neutrality talk, they don’t walk the walk. At the same time they’re wishing the jobless lots of luck fighting with dogs for food, they’re also lobbying to extend Bush’s expiring tax cuts to the rich, and budget neutrality can take a flying leap off a short pier into a crashing sea of toxic sludge.

See, tax cuts are different. That’s not welfare for the rich; that’s playing the magic note on the economic flute that calls the Trickle Down Fairy to fly from capitalist heaven and carry us away to a nice warm free market bath. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a wee bit suspicious of the alkaline nature of this whole “trickle down” thing. Good time to invest in a trickle down umbrella. Available for one day only, this November 2nd.

Milwaukee native Will Durst is now a San Francisco-based political comedian who often writes. This being an example wherein he castigates the rich: a group that stubbornly refuses to include him as a member. His new CD, Raging Moderate, is now available from Stand Up! Records on both iTunes and Amazon.

0 thoughts on “Blind, reckless or just plain mean?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was not a fan of Bush’s domestic spending, in fact you are spot on when pointing out Bush’s over-spending. It was horrible. However, the Republican’s are on record saying that they would have voted for the unemployment extensions if the money came out of the unused money currently available in the stimulus fund and NOT from the budget creating a larger deficit. Granted does it really matter considering the fact that our deficit has tripled over the past 18 months with no end in sight. Maybe not, but it was on principle. Something no one in Washington (on either side of the isle) seems to have any longer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Along those lines pertaining to ‘either side of the isle’. I find it extremely disheartening that the ideals of the two men that are supposedly so admired by each political party (JFK for the Democrats and Reagan for the Republicans) are not even close to what each of these parties stand for today. It is a total shame.

    On that note, Will I love reading your stuff please keep it up!

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