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Five questions for Katina Jordan

By - Apr 19th, 2010 10:01 am
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Tonight the Milwaukee Multicultural Theatre presents : “M” A Collection of Mothers, a play and an art exhibition . It runs April 19 & 20 at the UWM Union Ballroom. Judith Ann Moriarty caught up with founder and Artistic Director Katina Jordan to chat about M and to explore exactly what “multicultural” means for Milwaukee.

Katina, can you give me a brief overview of the Milwaukee Multicultural Theatre?

The Milwaukee Multicultural, LLC was started in late August of 2009. Our first performances were three shows that were a preview of the play “M” A Collection of Mothers and an art exhibition which included portraits and handmade dolls of each of the characters. The play preview depicted four main characters from the full-length play of seven main characters.

Isn’t all Milwaukee theater multicultural? Illuminate me Katina.

I’m not sure if all the theater done in milwaukee could be considered multicultural. I definitely know that there are other groups that strive to (and do) accomplish this. I’ve seen of plenty theatrical shows recently and over the years that do not include any people of color, people over the age of 40, people with different religious viewpoints or who have a different sexual orientation, etc … and I’m referring to actors cast in such plays as well as the topics that are being covered in productions. I’ve seen very few shows recently and over that years that directly relate to the multifaceted culture of our city’s people.

As the producer and director of this event, you must be going nuts. I see that the music and lyrics for the theme song, “Mama” is by LaMarlon Jordon. Is that you in disguise or is this a relative?

Yes, this production is a collaboration of many great talents, first off with the writing done by Deaduri Gales, a very talented local playwright, who’s collection of short stories were the impetus for this show. Lamarlon Jordan is my father and a very skilled musician and song writer. This production would not be possible without the generosity of gifts and spirits from our artists, actors, family, friends and other supporters who’ve dedicated their time and goodwill to our efforts.

Does this coincide with mother’s day? How are you going to avoid crass sentimentality, or perhaps you don’t wish to?

This production was not meant to directly coincide with Mother’s Day, it was pure accident. But I’m delighted that the performances are taking place close to that day. Hopefully, this coincidence will remind people who have mothers and grandmothers (who often play this role for their grandchildren) to appreciate them.

Free to UWM students, and only ten bucks for everyone else. That’s a deal. Do you go door to door trying to get people to support your group?

My marketing efforts have been word of mouth through my professional peers and friends, emailed flyers and facebook.

“M” A Collection of Mothers opens tonight at the UWM Union Ballroom West at 8 p.m. The show is $10 and free for all UWM students. For more information, click here.

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