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Wisconsin stalled at 35th in job growth, still trailing neighbors

Despite lagging economy, Republicans ready to give up and focus on getting re-elected

By - Mar 19th, 2014 11:08 am

MADISON – Wisconsin is stalled at 35th in the nation in private-sector job growth over the past year, according to the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) figures released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics today. Over the past two years, Wisconsin ranks 37th in private-sector job growth.

The figures also showed that Wisconsin continues to lag behind many neighboring states over the past year, including Michigan (11th in job growth), Minnesota (20th) and Iowa (25th).

These figures reinforce the need for elected officials to redouble their efforts in focusing on a vibrant jobs agenda. Democrats have put forward more than a dozen jobs bills, including promoting Wisconsin manufacturing products at national trade shows, capital formation, Buy American and Buy Wisconsin, clean energy and workforce development.

In response to today’s report, Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) released the following statement:

“For the Assembly’s session day tomorrow – which the Speaker has called the last day – Republicans are focusing on proposals like limiting the legal options of veterans who have been harmed by asbestos exposure and suppressing voter turnout. And they’ve made it clear that the only issue they would come back for is more voter suppression. It’s time Republicans stop fixing elections and start fixing real problems, like Wisconsin’s jobs crisis.

“These dismal job numbers are further proof that the lack of attention to jobs and the extreme agenda being pushed by Gov. Walker and Republican legislators have hurt our economy. But instead of working to reverse their ongoing jobs failure, Republicans are ready to give up, go home and start working on their own re-elections barely two and a half months into the year.

“If Republicans spent half as much as time working to create jobs as they did protecting their own jobs, Wisconsin would be a national leader in job growth. Republicans may be satisfied with being 35th in job growth – but the people of Wisconsin are not.”

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