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Mayor Barrett Has Begged and Borrowed for His Streetcar – The Taxpayers Are All He Has Left

Statement by Alderman Tony Zielinski

By - Sep 29th, 2017 10:03 am

Mayor Tom Barrett is making much of having “paid” for the downtown streetcar with money begged in grants from the federal government and borrowed in the form of Tax Incremental Financing. He’s even saying that his draconian cuts to public safety have nothing to do with streetcar spending.

But he’s also saying this year’s budget is just a prelude to even more dramatic cuts that will happen over the next three to four years.

So, I call on the media to ask Mayor Barrett some simple, direct questions:

  1. Who will pay to operate the current streetcar when the federal grant money dries up?
  2. Who will pay to build the streetcar extensions, knowing the current administration does not favor transit?
  3. How many City services is the Mayor willing to cut to keep his streetcar dream afloat?
    The public deserves these answers.

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