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Local storytelling organization encourages the community to listen

“Everyone has true, personal stories worth sharing, but in this fast paced world, sometimes we forget to carve out time to really listen to each other,” said Ex Fabula Executive Director Megan McGee.

By - Nov 23rd, 2015 10:29 am


MILWAUKEE, WI – This Thanksgiving, Ex Fabula in conjunction with StoryCorps, a national storytelling organization, urges the community to participate in The Great Listen on Friday, November 27, 2015 by sharing stories with family and friends.

“Everyone has true, personal stories worth sharing, but in this fast paced world, sometimes we forget to carve out time to really listen to each other,” said Ex Fabula co-founder and Executive Director Megan McGee. “However, Thanksgiving weekend is a great opportunity to slow down and reflect, and the StoryCorps app makes it easy to conduct and record interviews. We’re inviting Milwaukeeans to participate, meaningfully connect with each other, and create new storytelling traditions.”

How to participate in the Great Listen

StoryCorps is working with teachers and high school students across the country to record interviews with people over 65 – but the free app can be used by anyone to interview people of any age. Here’s how:

  1. Download the StoryCorps app on any mobile device.
  2. Sit down with a friend or family member over the Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. Use the app’s built-in prompts to record an interview – which you can publish or keep for yourself.

Afterward, people are encouraged to share photos and comments about their experience on social media with the hashtag #ExFabListen15.  More information about Ex Fabula, the Great Listen, and volunteer Ann Marie Moss’ story of interviewing her grandma can be found at www.exfabula.com/listen

About Ex Fabula

Founded in 2009, Ex Fabula is committed to strengthening community bonds through the art of storytelling. The mission is to celebrate the power of true and personal stories to connect individuals through universal experiences.  

About StoryCorps

StoryCorp is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives. https://storycorps.me

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