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How Low Will Scott Krug Go?

Rep. Krug plays Madison politics and votes against his own proposal… after he voted for it

By - Feb 19th, 2016 12:29 pm

MADISON – Last night on the Assembly floor, in a highly unusual action, Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) voted against final passage of his own substitute amendment to Assembly Bill 874, which grants indefinite water rights to some large water users at the expense of the average citizen. This comes on the heels of Rep. Krug casting the deciding vote in favor of Assembly Bill 874 just two days prior in the Assembly Committee on Environment and Forestry, and voting in favor of adoption of his substitute amendment on the Assembly floor last night.

“In all my years, I have never, ever, seen someone write their own amendment, vote for it in committee, and then vote against it on the Assembly floor. These are the kinds of twisted, political games that people are just fed up with,” commented Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha).  “Does he really think he can have a vote in both pockets, mislead his constituents, and get away with it?”

When asked on the Assembly floor why he voted against his own proposal, which he claimed to have worked on for three and a half years and previously voted for, Rep. Krug said the proposal “fell a little bit short.”

“The only person that can be blamed for this proposal falling short is Scott Krug. He wrote the proposal that he voted against. Is this really the best he could do for his constituents?” said Assistant Democratic Leader Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point).  “In a desperate attempt to protect himself and save face in an election year, he is willing to intentionally mislead our Central Sands community.”

“The people of the Central Sands have asked for and negotiated in good faith for years for responsible groundwater management policy,” continued Rep. Shankland. “Instead, Rep. Krug fulfilled the Republican party’s and special interests’ bidding by casting the deciding vote in committee, voting for the adoption of his proposal, and then voting against its passage. This continues a clear pattern of Rep. Krug promising his constituents one thing and then doing another. It’s cynical and manipulative politics that he believes will fool people and protect his seat while selling out his constituents’ water interests.”

By Rep. Katrina Shankland and Rep. Peter Barca

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2 thoughts on “How Low Will Scott Krug Go?”

  1. Terry Ott says:

    Fortunately, every now and then there are these elections ….

  2. Steve says:

    ‘This is a test and only a test of the Republican Fraudcasting System. This is only a test.’

    They have done this the last few years with more intensity. It’s a way to dip their toe in the water of their ‘Constituency” without any actual FaceTime. Imagine just asking the individual, non Corporate folks who voted for them if they would be OK with him / her giving away water rights to these corporations at the ACTUAL TAXPAYERS expense.

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