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Enough! It’s Time to Tear Down the Estabrook Dam

For years, there has been a consensus among the Milwaukee community that the dam should be removed.

By - Sep 14th, 2016 12:40 pm
Enough! It's Time to Tear Down the Estabrook Dam

Enough! It’s Time to Tear Down the Estabrook Dam

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors has debated what to do with the controversial Estabrook Dam for too long. The dam remains an expensive environmental hazard.

For years, there has been a consensus among the Milwaukee community that the dam should be removed.

According to Milwaukee Riverkeeper, a non-profit focused on our community’s rivers, removing the dam is the “best decision for the health of the Milwaukee River and ALL Milwaukee County Residents”.

Removal of the Dam is supported by County Executive Chris Abele, the Milwaukee Common Council, the Shorewood Village Board, the Milwaukee Metropolitan sewerage district’s commission, and several members of the Milwaukee County Board including Sheldon Wasserman (District 3), David Sartori (District 8), Dan Sebring (District 11), Tony Staskunas (District 17) and Deanna Alexander (District 18).

The main opposition to removing the dam is County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb, who hopes to keep the dam and restore an artificial pond around Silver Spring Drive, which would benefit a handful of his Glendale constituents – at the expense of the vast majority of our community. Several other members of the County Board remain undecided on the issue.

The County Board should take direct action to remove the dam – now. Milwaukee Works, Inc. encourages citizens to contact their county board supervisor at 414-278-4222, and tell them to vote to REMOVE the Estabrook Dam.

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2 thoughts on “Enough! It’s Time to Tear Down the Estabrook Dam”

  1. Dan says:

    Agreed, enough is enough, the Milwaukee River Keeper should call off their lobiests and stop trying to circumvent due process with inaccurate propaganda and devious tactics, and allow the dam repair to move forward! Why are they spending all of their resources attempting to remove the dam and destroy natural habitat instead of focusing on things that would actually make a difference like pollution cleanup advocacy? This is what is driving up costs to tax payers!

  2. James Finch says:

    What makes anyone think removal of the dam would take any less time than repair? The county parks department is pretty inept…

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