Building Info

The Brewhouse Inn & Suites.
  • Address: 1203 N. 10th St.
  • Owner: Gorman & Company
  • Status: Completed
  • Assessment: $14,300,000 (2013)
  • Tax Key: 3620509000
  • Year Built: 1892
  • Size: 115,087 square-feet

Brewhouse Inn & Suites is an extended stay hotel located in the former brew house of the Pabst Brewery. The hotel is located in The Brewery mixed-use neighborhood. The hotel was developed by Gorman & Company.


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~~JACKSON'S PUB~~~~~~~~~~Service suppression system~~~~~~Secure pressurized cylinders
~~Test monitored fire alarm system annually~~Fire drills are required quarterly on each shift for all employees. / IFC 405 /~~Store clean linens separate from dirty linens. Mark linen carts for clean or dirty use. / DHS 195.11(5) /~~Clean and maintain all ice machines in a sanitary manner. / DHS 195.12(2) /~~Clean debris from guest room bed frames on a regular schedule. / DHS 195.11(6) /~~Clean accumulated lint from floor and surfaces behind dryers. / DHS 195.15(1) /
Fire Suppression r
Fire Suppression r
Fire Suppression r
Restore dwelling unit to clean and sanitary condiCausing fires by tobacco smoking. In each sleeping room of all hotels, rooming houses, lodging houses and other places of public abode, a plainly printed notice shall be kept posted in a conspicuous place advising tenants of the provisions of this section. Post a copy of Admin 254.76 in each guest room. / Admin 254.76 /All ice shall be stored and served in a smooth-surfaced, easily cleanable container. Clean the interior surfaces of the ice machines on the various floors of the hotel. / DHS 195.12(2) /All plumbing fixtures shall be maintained in a safe and useable condition. Restore function to the bathroom sink drain plugs in guest rooms. / 275-53-1 /Sheets shall be of sufficient size to cover the bed and have a fold-back over the blanket of at least 12 inches. Provide a 12 inch fold-back for the sheets over the blankets in guest rooms. / DHS 195.11(5) /Every exit shall comply with the following: It shall be kept in such state of repair as to be usable in the event of an emergency. It shall be unobstructed at all times. Provide unobstructed south facing exit doors from the first floor to the courtyard. The concrete is preventing the doors from completely opening. / 275-20-7-L /
Fire Suppression r

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