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Statement of Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. January 17, 2014

By - Jan 17th, 2014 11:30 am

After further reviewing the surveillance footage regarding the death of Corey Stingley and now receiving the ruling for cause of death from the medical examiner, I say “something smells in Denmark.” I have not, and will not, condone the issue of theft that surrounds how the circumstances became volatile. But my advice to those of us from the public who make a conscious decision to intervene: If the subject is not a threat to you and your personal surroundings, CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT WITH A DESCRIPTION OF THE SUBJECT!

There is too much anger in our society and cynicism is driving our distaste for conditions we are placed in when crime is impacting our communities. But let’s be very clear, when you decide to intervene you are accepting the responsibility of any, and all, consequences of your actions. Law enforcement individuals are highly trained in detaining subjects from fleeing with techniques that are designed to preserve life. In cases like this, call the police and let professionals handle the law breaker. We must not turn into a community where vigilantism is tolerated, and as the Stingley case shows, without adequate professional training there is a high probability that something will go horribly wrong.

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