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Wisconsin Judges Back Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court Bid

More than 200 judges covering 54 counties across the state have endorsed Dallet's campaign

By - Feb 8th, 2018 07:02 am

MILWAUKEE, WI – Today, the Dallet for Justice campaign announced support from more than 200 judges covering 54 counties across the state signaling incredible momentum leading into the primary election on February 20th.

“I’ve worked alongside Judge Rebecca Dallet for years. She has the strong values we need,” said Appeals Court Judge Kitty Brennan. “Her experience on the bench, commitment to the law, and deep knowledge of our courtrooms make her the best choice for our Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

“Judges are trained to weigh all of the options carefully, to follow the law, and to ensure justice is done. It feels good to know that Wisconsin’s judges have put their trust in me,” said Judge Rebecca Dallet. “Every single one of these endorsements inspires me to fight even harder to bring my values and experience to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

For a full list of endorsements, please go to:

Elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2014, Judge Rebecca Dallet currently serves on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. She has spent the past 23 years working in Wisconsin courtrooms – first as a prosecutor and now as judge presiding over more than 10,000 cases and more than 230 jury trials in a wide range of areas from domestic violence and misdemeanor court, to homicide and drug court, and civil and small claims court. Judge Dallet is running to protect our Wisconsin values during a time when our most basic rights are under attack. She lives in Whitefish Bay with her husband, Brad, and their three teenage daughters.

Dallet for Justice

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One thought on “Wisconsin Judges Back Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court Bid”

  1. John Casper says:

    Walker appointed judges, such as Lisa Stark endorse Judge Dallet.

    Judge Dallet’s campaign features Judge Stark–not Judge Brennan–at the top of the endorsement page.

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