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Sup. Taylor Welcomes County Executive Abele’s Veto of the Resolution Abolishing Economic Development Director Position

“I commend County Executive Chris Abele for his veto on the abolishment of the position of Economic Development Director.”

By - Nov 13th, 2012 07:00 pm

Milwaukee – Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve F. Taylor today issued the following statement concerning the Milwaukee County Executive Abele’s veto of the County Board Resolution abolishing the position of Economic Development Director:

“I commend County Executive Chris Abele for his veto on the abolishment of the position of Economic Development Director. There is no doubt that this amendment was nothing more than petty politics at its worst and it rises to the level of retaliation.

“The Milwaukee County Board confirmed Mr. Taffora on May 24th 17-0 and on June 21st he was granted a waiver of residency. I, along with the majority of the Board, was upset with this action and as a result on July 26th by a vote of 16-2 removed that wavier authority from the Director of the Department of Human Resources. The Boards action was justified because this very important decision now lies in the hands of the policy makers of Milwaukee County. I am a strong believer in residency and have been an advocate since I was an alderman in La Crosse from 1997-2001.

“Unfortunately, what is happening now is unnecessary and could be detrimental to Milwaukee County’s economic development efforts. Does anyone really think that a developer is going to be more likely to do business with the County by this action of the Board? This type of turmoil and unrest between the Legislative and Executive branches is what most of our residents despise. This type of amateur hour politics is what gives our profession a bad name.

“Instead of focusing on creating jobs and additional tax base some on the Board are engaging in a turf war because they have the power to do so. I call on my colleagues to do the right thing and drop this vindictive action and instead focus on Moving Milwaukee County Forward.”

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