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Rep. Mark Spreitzer’s statement on Gov. Walker’s threat

"Governor Walker should immediately retract his comments."

By - Sep 22nd, 2016 05:26 pm
Gov. Scott Walker. Photo from the State of Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker. Photo from the State of Wisconsin.

BELOIT – Earlier today, Governor Walker questioned the need for additional funding for district attorneys if Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm continues to investigate Governor Walker and other Republicans for possible corruption and campaign finance violations after the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to take the case. In response, Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) made the following statement:

“It’s outrageous that Governor Walker would issue this not-so-subtle threat to cut funding for district attorneys if they continue to investigate him for a possible violation of state law. Recently revealed documents raise serious questions about a corruption scheme affecting Governor Walker, legislative Republicans, and Wisconsin Supreme Court justices.

“I hope the U.S. Supreme Court allows the investigation into this scheme to continue, and I hope that District Attorney Chisholm and the other district attorneys will do so. We must condemn any attempt by Governor Walker to abuse his power and threaten the funding of the district attorneys who are simply doing their jobs. Governor Walker should immediately retract his comments.”

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Mark Spreitzer’s statement on Gov. Walker’s threat”

  1. tom says:

    Walker’s level of political corruption is beyond belief. His threat to DA funding is pure Walker — evil to the core. Walker’s been corrupt since his days at Marquette. No cure for this corrupt political ideologue.

  2. I stand with Walker says:

    How many courts have already said to cease and desist with these investigations? How do you liberals live with yourselves through all your hypocrisy? Not one word when Doyle was governor. The most corrupt Governor we’ve ever had. Giving his cronies everything, stealing money from the DOT which now is just trying to heal from his greed to give that money to his pet projects. How he wasted millions of dollars giving money to a Spanish company to build rail cars for Wisconsin when he never got approval for any rail system. Not to mention there was a company in Milwaukee that made rail cars. Where was the back lash over him going over seas and not using Wisconsin’s labor? You put up candidates to beat Walker how many times and still cry over losing? Children, grow up. Democrats used to be people to look at and admire that had some idea of what they wanted and had the courage to challenge other ideas rationally. Not any more. Bullying, lying, cheating, making up things about people that aren’t true, crying over losses; disgraceful is the norm now.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Or Gov Walker could simply point out that the current money spent is not resulting in locking car thieves up or keeping repeat offenders off the streets….

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