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Rep. Barca Statement on Voting Systems Outage

Rep. Barca also called for a full investigation and report from the Department of Administration and Department of Transportation on the outages.

By - Apr 1st, 2016 03:46 pm

Earlier today, an hours-long state server failure affected the Department of Transportation’s ability to issue photo IDs on the second-to-last business day before the April election. Many Government Accountability Board (GAB) voter-related applications also failed, causing outages for the local clerks throughout the state on the final day of early voting in Wisconsin. In response, Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) issued the following statement:

“It is unfortunate and troubling that these critical state computer systems were down so close to the April election. I am deeply concerned that voters were inconvenienced or, worse yet, disenfranchised by these failures.

“Even more outrageous is the fact that Wisconsin Republicans have put in place so many restrictions on voting in this state. From their severely restrictive voter ID law to severely limited hours for early voting, the barriers Republicans have created for voting are shameful.

“I call for the state to make every accommodation possible to ensure that voters are able to obtain identification for voting and access the ballot box.

“Today I am joining my Democratic colleagues in demanding longer DMV hours this weekend to ensure voter registration and for Gov. Walker and others to lift the voter ID requirement for Tuesday’s election, given these deeply troubling developments.”

Rep. Barca also called for a full investigation and report from the Department of Administration and Department of Transportation on the outages.

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One thought on “Rep. Barca Statement on Voting Systems Outage”

  1. Steve says:

    We may not have known how it was gonna be done or exactly when, but anyone who thinks that this has nothing to do with Republican intent to disenfranchise those who may, or probably will vote against their agenda, is downright delusional. Everything from Gerrymandering districts, drastically reducing DMV hours, registration days, times, situations, exchanging driving privileges for the right to vote with the so-called ‘Free’ I.D. to shutting down the i.D. System and absentee voting is intended to stop the good people of Wisconsin from exercising their right to freely vote in a free election.
    When will this stop? Even the thread of oversight is gone with the GAB.
    I don’t see any way of creating an all inclusive state within the next few decades, short of a Revolution. The Republicans and the DINOs seem to have created the state that perpetuates their power and all but eliminates the rest of us.
    Sad times for Wisconsin

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