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Reince Priebus endorses Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate

Priebus served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2011-2017.

By - Jan 22nd, 2018 07:54 am

Brookfield, Wis. — Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Monday endorsed Leah Vukmir for her run against Sen. Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate.

“Thanks to Leah and so many other Republican leaders in Wisconsin, taxes are lower and more Wisconsinites are working than ever before. Leah is a proven leader who will stand with President Trump to help enact his bold, conservative agenda in Congress, and work to achieve security and prosperity for every American,” Priebus said. “It is imperative that Wisconsin elects the right Republican to beat Tammy Baldwin this year. Leah consistently demonstrates a willingness to fight for bold change for the middle-class, and she has what it takes to win in November. I am proud to stand with Leah because of her strong record as a conservative leader in Wisconsin.”

Priebus served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2011-2017, the longest tenure in modern history. Prior to that, he served as the General Counsel of the RNC and Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

“Reince’s great work and leadership helped elect President Trump in 2016, and send Wisconsin’s electoral votes to a Republican for the first time since 1984 with President Ronald Reagan,” Leah said. “As state chairman, he also led Republicans to monumental victories – winning the Governor’s mansion, and taking back both the state Assembly and state Senate – allowing us to implement historic conservative reforms. Reince knows exactly what it takes to win in Wisconsin, and I am honored to have his support for my Senate campaign.”

In addition to Priebus, Leah has a growing list of endorsements from Wisconsin leaders. She recently announced the support of more than 200 grassroots activists, business leaders and state and local elected officials who are backing her run.

Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom and conservative with a proven record of reform who is running to bring the Wisconsin Way to Washington. She currently serves as a state senator from Brookfield.

Leah for Senate

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