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Randy Bryce Dodges Forum with Democratic Primary Challenger, Cathy Myers

Local Democrats believe Cathy Myers is the best candidate to oust Paul Ryan

By - Sep 28th, 2017 07:00 am

JANESVILLE, WI – In a week where Cathy Myers continued to receive strong local support for her grassroots campaign in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, her primary opponent Randy Bryce abruptly dropped out of an agreed upon candidate forum scheduled for October 4th.

The candidate forum, which was organized by Our Wisconsin Revolution and Forward Kenosha, would have been the first chance for voters to meet candidates and hear their policy positions. Myers has a strong record on the Janesville School Board and has gained the most endorsements from local elected officials. Bryce, who has never served as an elected official, does not have a record of public service and has received support primarily from individuals who do not live in the district.

Forward Kenosha, one of the host organizations, explained the cancellation by stating – “After working with both primary campaigns for a number of weeks, reaching an agreement on all aspects of the format, as well as getting verbal commitments from both, we are disappointed to cancel the forum.”

Cathy Myers responded, “The district deserves the best candidate to take on Paul Ryan. We need to participate in candidate forums to gain experience, engage local voters, and hear the concerns of grassroots leaders. Voters should have an opportunity to hear about Randy’s views and experiences and my experiences as a teacher and school board member.”

The decision to pull out of the candidate forum comes as a surprise as Bryce has often criticized Paul Ryan for refusing to face voters at town hall meetings.

Myers is a two-term member of the Janesville School Board where she serves her constituents, elected in 2013 and again in 2016, when she more than doubled her vote.

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5 thoughts on “Randy Bryce Dodges Forum with Democratic Primary Challenger, Cathy Myers”

  1. Cathy Myers is a great candidate. I hope people in the Eastern area of the CD 01 will learn more about her – the more you learn, the more you will like her.

    She has won 2 school board elections in Paul Ryan’n home town – and, was the top vote getter in each election. She has been elected to president and vice-president of her union. Cathy led a strike center to a successful resolution.



    Follow Cathy on Twitter:

  2. Marie says:

    Disappointed by all the trolling her campaign is partaking in. The Republicans are the real enemy. Stop it Cathy. Its quite obvious he had a great head start and she is trying to latch on to the attention he has built. Build your own attention and focus on Paul Ryan. She’s only ruining her life long Democratic reputation now.

  3. Kenny says:

    Wowww. Bryce won’t face his primary challenger just like Ryan wouldn’t face his last year. Ryan and Bryce are different sides of the same power swamp coin. If it’s between establishment swamp Ryan and establishment swamp Bryce, the establishment swamp will choose Ryan every time.

    In my opinion, Meyers is playing way too soft with Bryce. She should make the public aware of Bryce’s empty chair and more every time she speaks.

  4. Marie says:

    Kenny works for the GOP.

    No one is debating for an election that takes place next November. It’s a made up issue and it makes her look weak. This is all she can come up with? He won’t debate me. He won’t debate me. blah blah blah.

  5. Kenny says:

    Haha Marie.

    But the primary campaign is on for both candidates more than a year away. There are no rules about when it’s time to debate. Meyers didn’t twist Bryce’s arm for anything. Bryce handed Meyers a solid talking point when he demanded conditions for the debate and then backed out it. He made the choice and it makes him look weak and worried that donors might dry up if they see them side by side. Too bad.

    Ryan feels the same way about his challengers over the past three elections. “I’m a movie star now. No more debates for you. Sorry.”

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