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Paul Ryan Challenger Opposes $3 Billion Corporate Handout to Foxconn

WI-01 Candidate, Cathy Myers, Rejects Foxconn Deal Due to Cost, Transparency, and Environmental Concerns

By - Aug 14th, 2017 02:43 pm

Democratic Congressional Candidate Cathy Myers, who is challenging Speaker Ryan to represent Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, announced her opposition to the $3 billion Foxconn proposal today.

“We need jobs, but not at this price. The $3 billion public handout to a foreign corporation is unprecedented and we need legitimate legislative oversight to ensure that this deal will not cripple our economy for the next generation,” Myers said.

After expressing her initial concerns about the $3 billion public subsidy in a live video on August 3, 2017, Cathy Myers has officially opposed the deal with the first vote scheduled for 3 PM today in the  Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy.

“We must protect Lake Michigan. This deal exempts Foxconn from completing a required environmental impact study and from other reasonable environmental rules meant to protect our cherished natural resources and the local residents that would be affected by this development,” Myers continued.

It has been reported that the Foxconn deal will not be paid off until 2042. Assuming the deal creates the 13,000 jobs it promises, it will still cost over $230,000 per job created.

Cathy Myers is the only candidate running to represent WI-01 that has publicly opposed the deal.

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One thought on “Paul Ryan Challenger Opposes $3 Billion Corporate Handout to Foxconn”

  1. Virginia Watkins says:

    Foxconn is a foreign Company, they are only here for the tax breaks and massive profits they will reap for it. The 13k jobs it will (maybe) create will likely never repay the $3B tax credits given to Foxconn, in income tax from those jobs. And watch, in 2040 it will shut down their operations and leave WI with massive profits in hand.
    I live in Virginia (near Charlottesville), so WI may say I have no stake here in y’alls jurisdiction. I beg to differ, the current WI 01 Representative Paul Ryan is also Speaker of the House. Ryan has done a piss poor job in Uniting the Republicans on Certain Significant Legislation. More than once he tried to push inadequate plans (neither side liked it) to repeal the ACA, no start on tax issues and so on. I don’t know how Ryan was re-elected last go around.
    I don’t know if Cathy Myers is the answer to Ryan. Please Wisconsin, think more carefully this time around, don’t put the RINO back into the House of Representatives.

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