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Patients Reproductive Health Care Act Announced

This bill comes on the heels of a highly coordinated and unrelenting attack on women’s health by Governor Walker and legislative Republicans.

By - Nov 19th, 2015 10:11 am

Madison – Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) and Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison), with patients and medical professionals at their side, unveiled an unprecedented, proactive initiative that protects patients and their healthcare providers, ensures access to comprehensive health care services and medically accurate information, and upholds the integrity of medicine.  This bill comes on the heels of a highly coordinated and unrelenting attack on women’s health by Governor Walker and legislative Republicans.

“In the last four years we have seen Republicans introduce, pass, and sign into law several bills that interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.  The goal of our legislation is to ensure that all patients in Wisconsin have access to comprehensive, evidence-based health care.  It’s time for politicians to get out of the exam room,” said Erpenbach.

“When someone walks into their doctor’s office they should feel comfortable with their doctor and confident that the information they receive is based on medically accurate information – free from wacky junk science. Questions and answers with our doctors should be based in fact, not the agenda of politicians,” said Representative Chris Taylor.

Three major elements of the proposal include:

  1. Preventing politicians from interfering with the patient doctor relationship;
  2. Ensuring that patients receive medically accurate information when they visit their clinic; and
  3. Guaranteeing that patients are able to access comprehensive health care free from violence and harassment.

“Republicans love to talk about the importance of privacy and freedom – except when it applies to decisions women make about their own health care. My Republican colleagues continue to force themselves into the private conversations women make with their families and their doctors, that concerns the most personal, private medical decisions.  Politicians should protect and respect the relationships women have with their doctors,” said Representative Taylor.

“This is truly a comprehensive package of patients’ rights initiatives that we can all believe in. The right of free speech is not just for politicians; patients and doctors have those rights as well. Patients have the right to know their doctor’s advice won’t change with the whim of the Legislature,” said Senator Erpenbach.

By Senator  Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) and Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison).

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