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Parole Troubles Continue as GOP Judiciary Members Confirm Gabler

"I am disappointed that my GOP colleagues voted to confirm Mr. Gabler."

By - Oct 19th, 2017 05:17 pm

(MADISON) – Today, the Republican members of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety voted to confirm Daniel Gabler as chairman of the Parole Commission. Chairman Gabler is responsible for the parole applications of 3,000 individuals, known as old law inmates, who were convicted prior to the 1998 Truth-in-Sentencing law.

“In light of the testimony we heard months ago during the public hearing, I am disappointed that my GOP colleagues voted to confirm Mr. Gabler,” said Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee).

“’The worst of the worst’, ‘killers and rapists,’ that’s how Mr. Gabler chose to paint the people under the old law whose applications he would be considering. It’s challenging to me that we are confirming a man with the biases he demonstrated during his hearing and who quotes such misinformation.”

Senator Taylor noted the existing backlogs in hearing parole applications, and Mr. Gabler’s failure to address the Parole Commission size reduction approved during the 2017-2019 biannual state budget.

“Mr. Gabler never stood up and said, enough is enough – we need to act on this backlog. The fact that Mr. Gabler never addressed how the staff reductions will hurt the ability of the commission to do its work is troubling.”

Senator Taylor also expressed concerns over the lack of programming offered to incarcerated citizens.

“I think we all agree that people need a plan for when they are released. The issue is the lack of programming and training that is available in our institutions. When a condition of parole is participation in programming, we need to make sure that it is available.”

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