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Marisabel Cabrera Issues Statement on Public Safety

Focus to be placed on providing resources for first responders, increasing city safety

By - Jun 13th, 2016 11:04 am

MILWAUKEE – Marisabel Cabrera, Democratic candidate for the 9th Assembly district, today issued the following statement regarding public safety being a top priority once elected:

“As a mayoral appointee and member of Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission, I understand the difficulty first responders face to keep our streets safe, while at the same time maintaining an open and transparent system where citizens have proper oversight and protections.

“I will work with everyone to increase public safety and give first responders the resources they need to help the communities they are sworn to protect. Nobody should have to fear walking home alone, wonder if their car will be there when they wake up, or have concern that a stray bullet will enter their living room. There are systemic challenges, but we need to address them in a thoughtful manner.

“The lives taken in Orlando this weekend serve as another reminder of our failure to address gun violence. Law enforcement was able to take down the shooter, but only after 50 innocent lives were immediately taken during a time of celebration and pride. In Wisconsin, we need to address who is able to obtain high-powered weapons and under what circumstance, while at the same time ensuring law enforcement is ready and equipped to handle any such situation here at home.

“Our city’s public safety is a top concern and will remain at the top of my agenda as state representative. Our communities need proactive representation rather than reactionary rhetoric. My door will always be open to law enforcement from all levels of government and all public safety officials in order to make our communities safer and stronger.

“It’s time for Milwaukee to stand firm and work to bring about real change to the current state of our city’s public safety. As representative, I will ensure we start making strides in the right direction.”

Marisabel Cabrera is a private-practice immigration attorney, a member of Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin‘s Latino Caucus, and is a candidate for Wisconsin’s 9th Assembly district in the Democratic primary election to be held August 9, 2016.

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