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It’s really hard to take JS, Mayor Barrett seriously these days

Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan

By - Jan 16th, 2015 10:32 am

You can imagine my surprise when I read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline this morning – “Donovan launches streetcar petition drive.”

That’s beautiful, Journal Sentinel – you’re only about a week and a half late!

Nothing like having a bright-eyed, Johnny-on-the-spot local newspaper, right?!

I have been outspoken about my opposition to the streetcar boondoggle for YEARS, and if you go back to 2011, that is when I first attempted to have the project placed before the voters in a binding referendum (long before I decided to run for mayor). Not only does the newspaper choose to ignore this fact, but our mayor also seems to be living with his head in the clouds.

I believe it speaks volumes that the mayor is so completely out of touch with the average Milwaukee citizen. Most city residents aren’t fond of the streetcar, and would vote against it, in my opinion, if given the opportunity. But the mayor just chooses to push on, no worry or care. Quite frankly, I believe people are seeing that he carries himself as a man who doesn’t get out of bed in the morning unless it’s to his political advantage.

And with regard to the Journal Sentinel, let me just say that it is so comforting to know we have such a cutting-edge, local media powerhouse that is staying on top of things!

William Randolph Hearst would be proud of you guys.

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