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High School Teacher Raises $506,803.84 to Replace Paul Ryan

Cathy Myers, a single mom and Janesville School Board Member, announces huge fundraising haul following Paul Ryan’s retirement decision

By - Apr 13th, 2018 06:46 am

Janesville, WI – Today, Cathy Myers, a veteran high school teacher and two-term elected official, announced raising $506,803.84 during the first quarter of 2018 for her campaign to replace Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

Cathy Myers responded after nearly doubling her 2017 fundraising haul in just the first three months of 2018:

“I am incredibly grateful to the over 20,000 grassroots donors who have helped us raise over $800,000 for our campaign to replace Paul Ryan. Democrats nationwide are demanding new leadership in Washington, and voters in Wisconsin’s First District want a representative who will fight for them.”

Following his retirement announcement, election experts at Inside Elections announced a shift in their rating of the race in Wisconsin’s First District from “Solid Republican” to “Lean Republican.”

Myers responded, “Democrats have a serious chance to represent Wisconsin’s First District for the first time in two decades, so we need a serious candidate who can win. I’m the only woman running to replace Paul Ryan and the only candidate who has won an election. I am the only candidate who is prepared to govern on Day 1 to improve the lives of our neighbors who have been harmed by the effects of Paul Ryan’s disastrous policies.”

Cathy Myers is a single mother of two, a 24-year veteran high school teacher, and a two-term member of the Janesville School Board. Paul Ryan, a Janesville resident, has been her constituent since 2013.

Learn more about Cathy Myers’ campaign on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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One thought on “High School Teacher Raises $506,803.84 to Replace Paul Ryan”

  1. Vivian Creekmore says:

    Cathy Myers is a terrific candidate! She is smart, informed, and articulate. Her experiences make her a dynamite candidate: 24 yrs teaching school, twice elected to Janesville School Board, single mom, twice elected to union office. She has had a fleshed out “issues” page up since the beginnings of her campaign last June.

    I am proud of her fundraising — but, she has not raised a lot of money compared to R’s and some D’s. But, none of it is PAC money. Someone just sent me this message:
    “I equate money to accepting bribes and don’t want the candidate who accepted more. I can’t wait until someone does a commercial where they say “look how much less I raised than my opponent. Look how many more people gave him big money in return for special treatment. Vote for me and I will represent you. And don’t feel the need to give me money. If you support me give me support. Spread my message, tell people about my campaign, and help me get elected.”

    She is, hands down, the best candidate.

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