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Governor Scott Walker Announces Administration Staff Change

Governor Scott Walker announced Kurt Thiede as the new Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

By - Mar 20th, 2015 12:12 pm

Today, Governor Scott Walker announced Kurt Thiede as the new Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

“Kurt Thiede has served the people of Wisconsin well for the past 14 years,” Governor Walker said.  “He has the training and experience needed to help preserve and maintain Wisconsin’s natural resources and will be instrumental in our continued work to make state government more efficient, effective, and accountable.”

“I am thrilled for the opportunity and equally grateful and humbled by the trust that Governor Walker and Secretary Stepp have placed in me to continue to move the Department of Natural Resources forward along the path we have charted over the past four years,” Thiede said.

Prior to his role as Land Division Administrator, Mr. Thiede worked within the Department of Natural Resources as the Wildlife Management Regulation and Policy Specialist, the DNR Liaison to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, and a Customer Service and Licensing Program Supervisor for Southern Wisconsin.  Mr. Thiede’s responsibilities as Land Division Administrator included leading the department’s Parks and Recreation division, Wildlife Management, Natural Heritage and Conservation, and Facilities and Lands programs, and overseeing the WDNR’s real estate and capital development programs.

Mr. Thiede holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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2 thoughts on “Governor Scott Walker Announces Administration Staff Change”

  1. Rich says:

    And he’s also made sure Kurt knows how to tow the line instead of saying — gasp! — things like the truth uttered by Cathy Stepp: “I was not aware of the Governor’s plans to remove funding from [program XYZ]”.

  2. steve labrosse says:

    Just brings the walker admin. one step closer to saying the state parks are not able to sustain cost and are a burden to the tax payer and will be sold (at criminally low prices not to be disclosed to the public)and the reason will be to get rid of big govt. People of Wisconsin call your reps and tell them ENOUGH robbing from the people.

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