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From Dr. Patricia McManus: Comments clarified

Statement of Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton - February 9, 2018

By - Feb 9th, 2018 06:02 pm

After speaking today with Dr. Patricia McManus, our newly appointed interim Health Department commissioner, it was clear that she wanted to make clarifications about her position on childhood vaccinations and she shared with me this statement:

“My daughter received all of her immunizations as a child, and all of my grandchildren continue to do so as well. I do not question the science.

I, as most public health professionals and doctors, believe that the best thing to do is to get immunized.”

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4 thoughts on “From Dr. Patricia McManus: Comments clarified”

  1. kralph says:

    Excuses……………Murphy is correct!

  2. max says:

    Clarification? Really? Ms. McManus disqualified herself with “the science is out” comment from having any involvement in Public Health. It was a highly dangerous remark, that threatens the health and well being of us all who live in this area. Shameful. If she had any competency, she would remove herself immediately. I don’t care if she believes the “science is out” on whether the sun circles the earth or vice versa, but those who want to avoid 14th Century plagues in our City do care about this reckless and irresponsible comment.

  3. Russell Stamper Sr says:

    It is true that the subject is scientifically controversial. That means that qualified scientific opinions exist on opposite sides of the issue.. Try Google. Also, take notice that many, many rich, well known persons refuse to have their children vaccinated. What do they know that others don’t know?

  4. PMD says:

    You can be rich and stupid. Please share some links to qualified scientific opinions that say vaccines cause autism. I guess climate change isn’t settled either. Hell some guy is launching a rocket to prove the earth is flat, so that isn’t settled either.

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