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Executive Order, Keystone: No on the pipeline, yes on the cops

Press release from the Red Arnold campaign

By - Oct 24th, 2014 06:29 am

There’s a saying that goes “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. You need to pay your educators well, and we here in Wisconsin do just that. I should know, my parents were both teachers. Some may claim otherwise but the reality of the situation is that they are well compensated, even after Act 10. Hmmm… Act 10. If you think about Act 10, what was it really? It was a law which stated that educators and public employees now had to pay 50% toward their pension and 12.6% towards their health insurance from the previous contribution of 0 and that the insurance company that they (the “teachers”) owned, could no longer vastly overcharge for insurance benefits that were drastically cheaper on the open market. That was it. The sad part about this whole fight is that most of those dollars, which were so numerous that they completely balanced a$3.6 billion budget deficit in one fell swoop, didn’t go to the teachers, the students or the classroom. Look it up. Don’t take my word for it, don’t take their word for it. Look it up. See for yourself. It wasn’t going to them, it wasn’t going to the taxpayers it was taken from, it was going to a group of people with no names, no faces and no accountability to the people who paid their salary. Yet this 1 piece of legislation will literally decide the fate of America from this day forward as of November 5th, 2014. Who controls America, the taxpayers or the special interest groups?

But… Act 10 did not include police and firefighters. I’m fine with that. If you’re willing to swear an oath to walk into a burning building or jump in front of a bullet to save the life of someone you don’t even know, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your health care plan is in place and that should be done so at the best possible rate. Call it a perk, but when another person in another profession takes on that task, I’m willing to offer that same perk to that person as well.

Nobody dislikes firefighters because their job description never walks the line of possibly infringing upon anyone’s “rights”. Firefighters don’t carry Miranda cards, tazers or have rules of engagement. Cops, on the other hand do. There’s a great line in theBarfly where Mickey Rourke says “it’s not that I don’t like cops, I just like ‘em better when they’re not around.” Even law abiding citizens feel the same way. When I see a cop I automatically think “am I speeding, am I signaling properly, is my front license plate on, is my sticker expired, are my lights working”, etc.? I should be thinking “there is a police officer… I feel safer now that I know they are near.” That is rarely the case, if ever, for anyone. Cops are there to protect and serve, and sure, sometimes they protect and serve their own interests or the interests of those who they answer to. Cops have a tough and thankless job. THE toughest and most thankless, actually. Sure, there are some bad cops, just like there are bad people in any profession, but for the most part they are no different from anyone else you may know. Friends, neighbors, relatives. They are merely soldiers who take their orders and enact them as best they can. Cops are people. They too have families and hobbies and goals. They are like you and I… human, which means they too are fallible.

Sometimes criminals go free in the criminal justice system. Sometimes criminal cops go free in that same system, but at least they all had their day in court or assessment by grand jury. If you don’t like the result then it’s our job to talk to our elected legislators in order to enact (or detract) laws that will no longer allow any atrocities to go unpunished. The founding fathers set this system up centuries ago and even though it has sometimes been flawed, it is the best system available and it is alterable, a key trait. When laws aren’t followed, those responsible need to be brought to justice. Well then, what happens when those who took an oath to uphold the law fracture those very rules? The same thing, right? Well, it’s supposed to happen that way anyhow. Only it’s a different group who runs that particular rodeo. Rodeos have rules, football games have rules, courtrooms have rules, everything has rules. Rules are there to follow so that bad things don’t happen.

However, in today’s society we have gone topsy turvy in how our world works and what rules are followed, what rules are important and the corroborating penalties that go along with it. Tell a lie, you’re grounded for a weekend. Blow up mom’s ceramic collection with firecrackers you’re grounded for a couple of months. Isn’t that the way it has generally always worked? Which is worse; Assault or jaywalking? Burglary or public intoxication? Theft or ripping that tag off of a mattress? No one chose the latter on any of those examples because no one lacks such basic common sense to do so. Or do they?

So tell me, how the hell can an officer have no penalty for killing someone but they can lose their job for misreading a defensive key? An unwarranted pat down? WTF? Any pat down is reasonable if an officer perceives that there may be a threat. Cops can pull you over for “driving erratically” or search your car because they “smell and odor of ____”. Fill in the blank. It’s a pat down, not a squat ‘n’ cough. Isn’t that taught to every peace officer in the nation? Taking a life has far fewer acceptable occasions yet it seems that the contrary is true. This is what your government officials are trying to get you to believe.

So the officer is OK to shoot someone but the pat down is the terminable defense? That’s like saying it’s OK that your kid is doing hard drugs but yet you’re going to ground them for coming home 10 minutes late. Well, any parent will tell you, the whole reason that you want your kids home at a certain time, i.e. you don’t want them out late is so they don’t engage in dangerous behavior like DOING FREAKIN’ DRUGS!!! What the hell kind of rationale is that? It’s OK for John Weishan to send out information with taxpayer money on taxpayer time on the taxpayer dime to people who don’t even live in his district and that is somehow perfectly Ok? Or Mary Burke and Chris Abele just HAPPEN to release coinciding content attempting to relate some non-existent dirt on Governor Walker that just HAPPENED to be ready for release 2 weeks before and election and nothing is even investigated, yet Darlene Wink sends an email from the wrong computer before 5pm and she almost loses her house due to lawyer fees to keep herself out of prison on false and trumped up charges? Sure, dude. I can hear you now… “I don’t like cocaine, I just like the way it smells.” Well is smells like something else, reminiscent of bulls.

The Democrats have always been involved in scare tactics but when those scare tactics take the next step and are used to throw innocent people in jail whilst real criminals go free, that presents a real problem for ordinary citizens who will either cower and cry their way into complacency or clamor their way into a cell for speaking out against the all mighty, all powerful ruling class. These tyrannical actions need to stop, NOW! The time to band together and call for new leadership is at hand.

The same DA who prosecuted (or shall I say DIDN’T for the former) that case is the same one who is part of the team who came up with this cockamamie scheme to try to pull one over on the black community and the leadership council used a cop as the white pawn. How bad has our government gotten when it can infuriate the black community, the police union, Republicans, Democrats, and the media all at the same time? You have the quintessential pentaverate of those groups which the powers that be have pitted against each other, suddenly united in a common cause to narrow their eyes upon leadership that is so bad that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” becomes the cry of the oppressed. Strange bed fellows indeed. I doubt even Heidi Fleiss would have been able to set this encounter up.

Our government has gotten so corrupt that it is eating the very hand(s) that feeds it while adequately convincing the hand through stuffed mastication that the pain is actually just arthritis. And the thing that scares me the most is that there are some people who have been cheering it on. Fools. It’s like being trapped in a The Coliseum battle arena with a rabid hungry tiger. You’re cheering that fact that the tiger is killing and eating the people you simply don’t like. Then it dawns on you, when those people are all dead, the tiger will eventually get hungry again… and you’re the only one left in the arena. Duh. You’re painting yourself into a corner and it’s a beautiful shade of blood red.

Do you realize how powerful the police union is? It is one of the biggest unions in the country. Yet this group of power players is willing alienate them in order to try to sell this pop-up book story to the press and the constituents and throw the police union under the bus. Why? To protect who? To impress who? I have a pretty good idea but if it isn’t dealt with then you, the reader, could very well be next. Edmund Burke (no relation, although that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not plagiarizing him) once said, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

We had better wake up as to what is going on here because one day, that tiger is going to get so hungry that it will cease to find important that which you once offered and kept you safe. Then you become the next meal. You will all be political pawns to divide us against each other so that the powers that be will be able to take all we have and it will be us that hands it to them. The demonstrators who are protesting this shooting are playing right into their hands. Don’t give them this advantage. Watch the Discovery Channel episode on Elephant Seals. While the 2 big bulls are fighting over the females for breeding rights, some sneaky males go and get the girl, nullifying the whole purpose of fighting to the death and winning the battle to pass on the victor’s genes. That can’t happen if the fruit is already picked, but the 2 bulls don’t know that, do they?

You’re all being duped and the ones who are going to take the worst hit is the black community. The black pawns of the ruling class whose lives these people like to toy with have been living under the blanket of injustice that the Civil War supposedly fought to abolish. The Democrat party and its white robed glory lives on and it does so on the backs of the blacks and the minority poor. Still. It seems that not much has changed in the last 150 years. The only difference is that the Republicans (you know, that party that formed in Ripon Wisconsin in 1854 to abolish slavery?) are the ones who get blamed for what the Democrats actually do. Kudos to the Democrats for being able to pull that off. They’ve essentially knocked up their best friend’s wife and are now successfully making their best friend fork out his own time, money and effort to raise the little misbegotten.

I don’t see how the cop did anything wrong if Chief Ed Flynn is going to say that Manney’s violation of the department’s “values” is what caused the unfortunate death of Mr. Dontre Hamilton and hence his termination. You can’t violate values, Ed. You can violate rules, but not values. If the cop did something wrong then let justice have its day in court. But if justice doesn’t even get to the courtroom before it becomes a pawn on the chess board of the powers that be, then eventually the only pieces on the board that matter will be the kings and queens. If you are not one of those pieces, you’d better get behind this red rook and stop this madness.

I hope it was a delicious slice of pie, Ed. I hope it was worth it. You’re selling out the very people you swore an oath to protect and the puppet masters have yanked your strings so hard that they’re going to snap. I stand with the cops on this one because I sure as hell can’t abide their leadership. Milwaukee deserves better, Wisconsin deserved better, law abiding citizens deserve better and the Black Community deserves better.

This is just one out of many incidences where a power player violated their oath in order to appease the precious few. I had to file a law suit against District Attorney John Chisholm for his partisan actions against innocent people while true, blatant criminals are free to walk the streets and even possibly affect the lives of every resident in the state of Wisconsin.

If I am the only one with enough fuzz on his peaches to take up the cause then I will take on the challenge but I can’t take them all. I can’t do it all alone. Put me on the chess board and help me help you keep your rights. Help me tear down this wall. I don’t have kids, I don’t have a house, I don’t have a pit to poss in. They have nothing they can take from me. Nothing they wouldn’t regret, anyway. However, if YOU have something to lose… you may want to put down the remote and get yer ace out and vote. Bill Vaughn once said “America is a land where citizens will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but they won’t cross the street to vote in a national election.” (See Mary, citing your work isn’t that difficult) Because if we’re going to use “an error in judgement” of doing a pat down as reason to fire an officer then I cite Ed Flynn’s record of slow response times and the inner city carnage that’s been allowed by the lax court system to do the same to him and his handlers. When the people who provide justice for the system have to worry about the system providing justice for them because their leaders curtail their whim to a precious few, we all need to worry because We The People are next piece that’s coming off the chess board.

Red Arnold

P.S. Yeah, yeah… My conversational grammar is less than desirable to Harvard English professors. So what? I don’t care. All I care about is the citizens of this state. I’m a different kind of politician. I do things differently but I get things done. If the people are sick of the same old political ball game, I’m here to tell them that there’s a new player on the draft board. And the only thing that’s going to stop me from dethroning this aristocracy is if people pull that lever for the same item, thinking that “THIS TIME… THIS TIME its going to be different”. Only to complain for the next 4 years that the prize they got was the same bad one as last time. I doubt anyone will publish this in its entirety. They don’t want the golden boy to come out on stage without his makeup. Curtain Call… who do you want to see?

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8 thoughts on “Executive Order, Keystone: No on the pipeline, yes on the cops”

  1. PMD says:

    Wait is this a joke? Or can anyone write a press release and have it published here?

  2. Beer Baron says:

    This is a parody, right?

  3. Dave Reid says:

    @PMD He is running for office in our coverage area, and he sends it in..

  4. Dave Reid says:

    @Beer Baron Nope…

  5. PMD says:

    So if someone is on a ballot, you feel obligated to publish any press release they send in? I suppose that makes sense, but yikes, this is embarrassing, to say the least.

  6. Red Arnold says:

    Embarrassing? How? I have issued numerous press releases like this in order to point out the double standards, the corrupt nature that government is taking on and the fact that we are headed for a major disaster if this continues and the only thing anyone has ever knocked me for is my grammar. Which is why I put the disclaimer at the bottom, and lo and behold… no comments on that either. Perhaps you would like to dispute my facts. Perhaps you would like to counter my point of view. You can’t. All you can say is “Republicans are bad because the Democrats say so and that’s just the way it is”. The sad part about this is that your Golden Boy, Chris Larson is in hiding because he knows that his actions were so heinous that he doesn’t want debate me or even to show his face because he knows that if he pokes his head out then people may remember all the things he did that will cost him his seat. The League of Women Voters called the Dan Sebring campaign to set up a debate. I contacted them to set up a debate with Chris Larson and they refused. He is the highest ranking state level Democrat in the entire state of Wisconsin and this “embarrassment” should be front page news as to what kind of joke the Republicans put up against the almighty Chris Larson. I put this out to say that I support the cops AND the Black Community and the media won’t even take their shot at me by slanting this to their advantage and say “OOOOOOOOO! Red supports the cops, he must hate minorities like all the rest of those hate monger Republicans! We can’t have this guy beat the Senate Minority Leader!” Even giving them this free shot, they won’t take it because they don’t want him out. I sent this and the previous other press releases to 140 members of all types of media, many times and no one has budged. If that isn’t proof of how bad Chris Larson is for the state then my next press release will have to prove it once and for all. I do love debate so feel free to attempt your rebuttal. I won’t have time past this but while we still have free speech, feel free to exercise it. Oh, and I would like to thank Urban Milwaukee for publishing this. You are the only media source with enough guts to do so. Kudos to you. Unlike the rest of my writing, that isn’t sarcasm. I sincerely thank you.

    Red Arnold

  7. Tim says:

    Wow, I feel bad for anyone that signed the nomination papers for this nut, sometimes crazy wears a suit. Thankfully he’ll need to carpetbag it out of Milwaukee to ever get elected.

  8. Bruce Thompson says:

    Red Arnold is one of the three candidates that the group suing in Judge Randa’s court wants to coordinate with. The others are in Eagle River and Eagle.

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