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DMV website updated to better clarify IDPP process

PDFs of IDPP palm card and take-away flyer have been added to site

By - Oct 17th, 2016 04:18 pm

Wisconsindmv.gov has been updated to better clarify the Identification Petition Card Process (IDPP) used to get a free ID for voting.

The website now includes a PDF of an information sheet (palm card) that clearly outlines what voters should do if they need an ID for voting. Anyone wanting to share that information is encouraged to print and distribute it as needed. A PDF of the take-away flyer which will be given to people using the IDPP has also been added to the website. It explains how the IDPP receipt will serve as an ID for voting and when it will arrive.

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One thought on “DMV website updated to better clarify IDPP process”

  1. Cassandra says:

    I don’t know if this is malice or incompetence or simply poor design, but “A PDF of the take-away flyer which will be given to people using the IDPP has also been added to the website” — this PDF implies (without coming right out and saying it) that people can get an ID in time to vote by applying up through Nov 10 … without saying anywhere that Election Day is Nov 8:

    You will soon receive an ID for voting!
    In about a week, you will receive a
    Wisconsin ID or a paper receipt in the mail.
    Either one can be used as ID to vote.
    If you apply the week before the election or the week of the election
    (October 31st through November 10th), paper receipts will be sent via
    overnight mail, so you will receive it the day after you apply.
    The Wisconsin ID looks like a driver’s license. The paper receipt looks like this:
    Questions? Problems? New Address?
    Call us at (844) 588-1069, or visit one of the following:
    wisconsindmv.gov bringit.wi.gov

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