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Crime and disorder forcing businesses to close

The real story behind the closing of Mama Mia’s

By - Apr 22nd, 2015 11:43 am

I cannot imagine what it would be like to close a longstanding family-owned business because of out-of-control crime.

But that’s exactly what Tony Pipito, owner of Mama Mia’s pizza restaurant, 7718 W. Burleigh St., did earlier this week. The closing means 37 people – hardworking neighborhood and Milwaukee residents – are out of a job.

Tony said crime in the neighborhood surrounding Mama Mia’s is so bad, loyal customers simply no longer thought it safe to venture to the restaurant after dark.

It is a truly sad state of affairs when it comes to crime in Milwaukee:

  • We have 48 murders so far this year – an explosion far beyond anything seen before.
  • We just recorded NINE armed or strong arm robberies on the east side near UW-Milwaukee.
  • We just had a reported sexual assault near UW-Milwaukee.
  • We just saw video released of two robberies and a knifing by a suspect on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus.
  • A woman was shot in the face during a car theft near N. 50th and W. Locust St.

So now one gets the sense of what Tony and too many other small business owners are up against in our city! For Tony, Mama Mia’s had the reputation of being an institution in that community for decades, but it was no match for criminals who own the streets and keep good people from even going out for a meal, or from patronizing other businesses in that commercial area.

So again, I turn to our mayor to ask THE key question: Where’s your plan?

It is your administration’s policies (or lack thereof) that has led us to our current state of affairs. Is it so difficult to comprehend – given the level of crime in Milwaukee – that the current level of police staffing is not sufficient? Our officers are working their asses off, but they simply can’t keep up with the level of crime and disorder.

We need hundreds of new officers, and without them I fear we’ll continue to see the crime rate escalate.

Residents are asking about the continued slow response times (to very legitimate calls for service) by officers. Daily they are seeing speeding, reckless driving, red light running and other problems because traffic control and enforcement are non-existent, which contributes to our disorder.

The MPD’s pursuit policy has triggered a new wave of young people who joyride and run amok, knowing that police won’t chase them (while they are putting their lives and the lives of innocent citizens at risk).

And that reminds me, mayor, where’s your plan to fix our broken juvenile justice system?

We would all really appreciate some leadership, some responsibility, and action, mayor. Try that, please, instead of blaming everyone from the NRA, to the Governor, to Daffy Duck!

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195 thoughts on “Crime and disorder forcing businesses to close”

  1. PMD says:

    The headline says businesses but there’s only one example in the press release. Also, is 77th and Burleigh plagued by violent crime? Were his customers being mugged on a regular basis? Why not reduce hours and close before dark if his customers are afraid of going there at night?

  2. Steve says:

    Is crime the reason they closed the Silver Spring and Port Washington restaurants, too? Crime must have been worse in those places considering they shuttered them and held on to this one. Or is this grandstanding to curry some political contributions?

    Wait….is this Bob’s district? When I look at this,, I can’t help but think that he should probably be more concerned about his own back yard!

  3. Rich says:

    So again, I turn to Alderman Donovan to ask THE key question: Where’s your plan?

    If all you’re going to offer is “hire more police”, then where’s your plan for paying for that?

  4. Dave says:

    All I hear from police and their political backers is that more police are needed. While I don’t necessarily disagree, Rich raises the entirely valid question of how to pay for these expensive employees. Police and firefighters already account for 57% of our 1.5 billion dollar city budget. If we add more police, I say it comes from pay cuts, frozen wages or, gasp, exposing these over compensated employees to ACT 10 like everyone else around here.

  5. Steve says:

    ^That drives me crazy! Donovan spews skewed blather and the slashers say, “See! We need to cut more!” What ever happened to civic pride and participation? I suspect the reason some of these mom and pop shops are going under is the downward spiral of wages in this community. I bet Mr. Pipito doesn’t even live in the county, much less the city. If he really cared about the area he wouldn’t be sucking money out of it and then closing shop weeping big tears. Maybe he wasn’t trying hard enough.*

    *That was my attempt to be a Free Market goon!

  6. Dave says:

    ” I bet Mr. Pipito doesn’t even live in the county…”

    So I couldn’t resist and I CCAP’d this guy… Tony has a slew of legal filings against him including unpaid debts and a recent divorce proceeding. He and his soon to be former wife use to live in the crime ridden community of Oconomowoc. Recently, it appears he’s taken to living above his store as things on the domestic front went south. But yeah, Alderman Donovan, please tell me more about how crime forced this upstanding, responsible (new) city resident to close up shop because I’m sure you’re not a disingenuous, lying sack of $hit…

  7. Sam says:

    Or maybe it’s because it’s in foreclosure and they owe over $20,000 in back taxes according the City of Milwaukee’s website. The new sandwich shop on Lisbon a few blocks away that just opened doesn’t seem to be worried about crime…

  8. Dave Reid says:

    @Sam I’m sure the back taxes had nothing to do with it at all.

  9. Nicholas says:

    “We have 48 murders so far this year – an explosion far beyond anything seen before.”

    Really? Has he completely forgotten about 1989 or 1990 or 1991 when homicide rates were far far far above what they are now?

  10. AG - poster formerly known as Andy says:

    What is he talking about?? The neighborhood is so bad near Mama Mia’s??? That’s a great area!

  11. Dave Reid says:

    @AG Yeah I think he meant: Mama’s Italian Cuisine

  12. PMD says:

    He doesn’t really care. He had an outraged press release to get out there, and he wasn’t going to let boring stuff like facts and accuracy get in the way.

  13. AG says:

    Wonderful, I wonder how many other people now believe that Mama Mia’s is closing? What a knob…

  14. Dean says:

    All of you libturds must love living in the cesspool of Milwaukee. Donovan is right!! I know first hand about what Tony Pipito has experienced , struggling to keep people coming to his establishment and the decline of the area. You must all be living under a rock! Tony lives in the City and has for several years, putting up with the crime, garbage, and daily b.s. that happens around and in his restaurant. He has worked his tail off and is one of the only ones in the area that has been trying to keep the area nice! You can all throw arrows and hide behind your idiotic comments, but you have no idea what you are talking about. Stick your coexist up your azz.!

  15. Dean says:

    Dave and Sam: If you knew anything about business, you would know, that when you start to lose your clientele, you don’t have enough money to stay in business. How can you be so stupid? Ccap all you want. Who do you think you are? You don’t have any problems? Try being in business , making a payroll, creating jobs, being a good neighborhood citizen, and then talk to me. You are probably living in your Mom’s basement… have all the answers, right? You know nothing by your hateful, naive comments….

  16. PMD says:

    Dean: “All of you libturds” ” How can you be so stupid?”

    Dean: “You know nothing by your hateful, naive comments….”

    Very insightful points Dean. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Ralph says:

    We we want to respond to the symptoms or work to find the cure to the problem? BTW: Traffice enforcement has been non-existant since the abandonment of the Traffic Enforcement Unit many years ago. Also, that neighborhood is safer than many others on both the north side and the south side.

  18. Steve says:

    ^^Whoa! Did someone touch a nerve? I’ve worked in that area and used to go to Mama Mia’s for staff events. Guess all of those facts and research just don’t cut it when Dean-o wants to base his policies on perceptions…just like Bob.

  19. Dean says:

    PMD: your suggestion of closing before dark was the most naive statement I think I have ever heard!! Not very insightful…..
    You do not want to recognize the REAL problem in Milwaukee , which is crime, and would rather chop down a restaurant owner who has done nothing but serve the community and provide a great service for his patrons. That is gone now and instead of waking up, you just bury your head further in the sand and make stupid comments like “he should close before dark”…. I don’t know about you, but if I have to be a prisoner in my own home or business because nothing is being done about the crime, I am out. Again , why fault the innocent? You and the rest of the commentators on this site would rather protect the thugs. Pathetic.

  20. PMD says:

    More insightful than calling people names and then accusing others of being hateful. You can’t do that and expect anyone to take anything you say seriously. I mean someone makes points you disagree with and rather than engage them or make constructive points, you claim they would rather “protect thugs.” That’s just nonsense Dean.

  21. Dean says:

    Steve: Darn right you touched a nerve. “You went to a few staff events their” ….big deal. Try running a business their for over 30 years and seeing the area changes and the city caring more about the thugs than you or your business. These are not perceptions , these are realities big shot. Again, blame the ones that are trying to make a difference and enable and make excuses for the crap. Wow.

  22. PMD says:

    Dean I do not frequent the area and do not mean to be dismissive of your comments. Because I don’t frequent the area, I don’t know what it’s like after dark. Were his customers frequently being mugged on their way into or out of the restaurant? Was it really so bad that literally the only option he had was to close it? You are really vociferously defending Donovan and Pipito here so I assume you know a lot about this situation.

  23. AG says:

    Are we still talking about Mama Mia’s on Burleigh??

  24. Allison says:

    I have to agree that many of the comments here are very dismissive of Alderman Donovan but he seems to be one of the few members speaking out about the violence in our city. We had a a 14 yr old girl stabbed on a bus yesterday. UWM is very unsafe right now.

    So If you live on the east side you maybe are insulated from the crime at this point, but maybe not in the future and then you become more receptive to alderman donovan’s thoughts and views.

  25. Dean says:

    PMD: I just get excited when I hear a good business closing and I do know that this was a good business. The area has changed , and that is a fact, and when good clientele stops coming around, and the city shows no sign of helping, you don’t stay in business. It’s that simple. When I saw all the comments on this site, I could not believe the attacks on Donovan and Pipito….for caring all these years. Pipito has done a ton to keep that area safe through talking to area business and Aldermen, etc., and try to keep the area clean and has always been an advocate for that neighborhood. It is a true shame Mama’s on Burleigh won’t be around anymore. The area will continue to decline , because nobody seems to want to address the problems and get tough.

  26. PMD says:

    OK so once again you don’t provide any specifics. It’s easy to issue press releases and lament the violence in Milwaukee (and Donovan is hardly the only person talking about this, and merely talking about it doesn’t make him a hero). Donovan says he closed his business due to crime, but then pivots and mentions other recent crimes in the city. What was happening at this particular business that left the owner with no choice but to close it? Why did most of his customers just stop patronizing the business? Were they frequently being robbed? Was someone shot at in front of the business? As of now you are just blowing smoke, making claims without any evidence to support them.

  27. Dean says:

    PMD: Pick up the newspaper and read about the crime in the city. Like I have said, the “Milwaukee area” is riddled with crime, daily. When people read this and see it , nightly, on the news, they stop coming to streets like Burleigh and anything east of Hwy 100. Where have you been the past few years? How closed are your eyes to what is happening in the City? Don’t you get it? Unreal!!

  28. PMD says:

    I read the paper every day Dean, and yes there is crime in Milwaukee, often very violent crime. Do you understand that there is a big difference between saying “there is violent crime in Milwaukee” and “crime is so bad directly outside of my business that I had no choice but to close it?”

  29. Steve says:

    Okay, Dean, remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when everything in 53207 was going to hell, too? Was the area loaded with cops to make it more livable? No. It is now one of the most vibrant areas in the city. People bought homes from the scared, populated the neighborhood, WALKED around and decreased crime by living there. Is there crime? Yes, but more importantly, there’s community…not just armed businesses that pull money out of the area. And every summer those that fled the area come back to the old neighborhood to eat at the new restaurants, or visit the movie theaters, and wonder aloud why they left.

    Where is your proposal? Where is Donovan’s? More guns pointed at “thugs” doesn’t make an area more desirable. I contend that if he really wanted to improve the area he’d change/improve his business or just move it and stop complaining to adjacent aldermen who are looking for political contributions while running for mayor.

  30. AG says:

    Dean, you need to reign yourself in a bit. I often agree with many philosophical points Donovan has, but this press release is rather odd. I live in the neighborhood that Mama Mia’s at 7718 W. Burleigh is located and I can tell you there is NOT an influx of crime in this area. It is very safe and we have not seen the rash of crimes that have been in the news lately. That is why I’m so confused by this press release.

    Clearly you need to come into the city more often and explore more areas of it. There is a very serious crime epidemic so far this year and we need to tackle this issue as soon and as decisively as possible. However, the entire city is not crime ridden as you say it is. You can find many places “east of HWY 100” that are extremely safe.

    I hate press releases like this because they are inaccurate and create a perception for people like you to believe that all of the city is a war zone. We can address this very serious issue without destroying the perception of the many good parts of the city.

  31. Dave says:

    Actually, Dean, I own a house and pay taxes in the City of Milwaukee. Since you clearly do not, I suggest you go …. yourself.

  32. Kris says:

    Alderman Donovan,
    It appears you know where to put the blame for the upswing in crime in SOME areas of Milwaukee, but I have yet to hear your plan. And please!….don’t make Mama Mia’s out as a martyr. If they are truly having issues, there are solutions instead of closing and leaving Milwaukee.

    I live in Milwaukee, I haven’t fled to the “burbs”.

  33. PMD says:

    Today’s Journal Sentinel mentions the closing of Mama’s on Burleigh. Owner Anthony Pipito’s son Steve said that after 30+ years in business, his dad wanted to semi-retire, while many longtime customers moved to the suburbs, making it increasingly hard to do business. Crime is not mentioned at all. How about that Dean?

  34. Dean says:

    PMD: Why do you think people are moving to the suburbs? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why people are moving out of the area. It is hard to do business when your patrons are not in the area. How about that PMD……

  35. Nicholas says:

    Dean…the city is growing in population, it is pretty easy to surmise that older folks will go to the suburbs for a variety of reasons, while younger people move in to buy up the housing stock.

    Its not all that unusual to have people moving, people coming.

  36. Dean says:

    I cannot believe the defense and complete blind eye to the crime in this City. I am amazed at the attack of common sense and the excuses and enabling. I am in Milwaukee every day and lived in Milwaukee for much of my life and I am very familiar with the area. I just volunteered at a community garden Earth Day event earlier this week on 25th and State by the Neighborhood house community center and I know how in need Milwaukee is of real leadership and crime prevention. I am making a difference, are you? All most of you do on this site is comment and tear down the people that are trying to make a difference (Pipito and Donovan) and make excuses. “Nothing to see here, no crime, no problem” is what I am reading from most of you. PMD, Nicholas, Steve , and the rest of you would rather accept the decline of Milwaukee , than try to change things for the better. Business will keep moving out, people will keep moving out, and the city will continue to decline because of people like you. You enable the thugs and feel good politicians to run the City because you are too afraid or “politically correct’ to stand up to them. If you think our City is going in the right direction, you and I are in two different worlds. YOU are in fantasy land and not wanting to see what is right in front of you, while I am living in reality and seeing business close and people leaving. Lock your doors tonight and Sleep tight.

  37. PMD says:

    Dean, AG lives in this neighborhood and he says it is hardly crime-infested. The owner of the restaurant and his son said nothing about crime as a reason for closing the restaurant. Now you are moving the goal posts and talking about crime in the city in general. Why isn’t every single business in the city limits closing? According to you they should be because the city’s crime is so out of control.

  38. Dean says:

    If you don’t think the City’s crime is out of control, especially on the North and Northwest side, you and I are done here.

  39. Steve says:

    Dean, how is your reading comprehension? How does living in the city, being active in my community, and teaching kids K-college constitute “turning a blind eye”? Were you packing a “common sense” gun in your waistband when you were turning a shovel in the city? Really? Maybe you were contributing to the lawlessness? Offended by that? Well, then, maybe we are offended by your hyperbole. Exaggeration based on Donovan’s bloviations. He does more harm than good. I said it, yes, he is not good for the city. He should consider running for office in Walkershaw or the land of Oz north of us.

    Common sense….sheesh.

  40. PMD says:

    I do think crime is a very serious problem in the city, but that doesn’t mean an alderman should just make stuff up and issue false press releases claiming a business closed because of crime and nothing else. That’s irresponsible behavior from an elected official Dean. If you can’t see the difference, you are extremely obtuse.

  41. Dean says:

    ahhhh….a raging liberal teacher. And the truth comes out. Donovan is one of the only ones saying what needs to be said. I hope you like coexisting with trash because that is were Milwaukee is headed because of politically correct , mealy mouthed, head in the clouds, people like you. Have a great summer off.

  42. PMD says:

    Dean you seem like a really hateful and narrow-minded individual. Donovan is not wrong to talk about crime in Milwaukee. As I said, I agree with you, it is a serious problem. But that doesn’t give him license to issue press releases that just make stuff up. Or do you think it’s fine to do that because it’s in an effort to address a serious issue, so it’s for the greater good?

  43. Dean says:

    I suddenly feel like getting my bongos out and chanting about something meaningless just to feel good……

  44. Dean says:

    PMD: at 8:48 you said crime is not a serious problem and at 8:57 you said it was….. at least try to get your story straight.

  45. PMD says:

    Reading comprehension is fun.

    My comment at 8:48: “I do think crime is a very serious problem in the city”

    My comment at 8:57: “I agree with you, it is a serious problem”

    So my story is perfectly straight Dean. Now, once again, do you think it’s OK for an alderman to make false statements if it’s for the greater good?

  46. Dean says:

    I have my recall Walker clip board and blue fist union sign and I am heading out the door…..

  47. PMD says:

    It’s a simple question Dean. Not sure why you refuse to answer it. No matter though. It’s expected behavior. Almost every time I try to have a reasonable discussion with a conservative online (AG is an exception), they call people names and spin and dodge and refuse to answer direct questions. Why is that?

  48. Dean says:

    Your the one calling me “narrow mided and hateful”. Ohhhh yeh, but that is o.k. because your a liberal and allowed to say and do just about anything right? You are complete bull crap!! You say contradicting things, you try to turn the table and you can’t . Look at the facts of the city and your argument fails.

  49. PMD says:

    I said you seem that way. Look at your comments Dean.

    “All of you libturds”

    “a raging liberal teacher”

    “You and the rest of the commentators on this site would rather protect the thugs. Pathetic.”

    Those comments and other similar ones make you seem hateful and narrow-minded. Am I wrong?

    Also, I proved your claim of a contradictory statement to be mistaken. I never once said crime isn’t a problem. I guess you’re not concerned with facts, just like Donovan.

  50. Tim says:

    Conservatives can’t argue on the facts & so try to change the subject. Dean, why are you changing the subject?

  51. Dean says:

    PMD: you proved nothing….but that you don’t see what is in front of your face….

  52. PMD says:

    My comment at 8:48: “I do think crime is a very serious problem in the city”

    My comment at 8:57: “I agree with you, it is a serious problem”

    Where is the contradiction Dean? Please, enlighten me. You have my undivided attention.

  53. Dean says:

    PMD: you got me. I misread it. Thought I had you on that one. On the rest, we are just too far apart to see eye to eye…

  54. PMD says:

    But we are not far apart at all. We agree that crime is a serious problem in Milwaukee. The issue is the press release and whether or not an alderman should make things up. Is it OK for Donovan to include false claims if he’s trying to make a bigger point about crime in the city? It’s a simple question.

  55. Dean says:

    PMD: I happen to know that the Alderman’s story is true and factual.

  56. PMD says:

    Then prove it. I’ve repeatedly asked for specifics and you have yet to provide any. AG actually lives in that neighborhood and he says it is perfectly safe. So prove it Dean.

  57. Dean says:

    Call the Alderman and ask him yourself about the article.. I don’t need to prove anything to you.

  58. AG says:

    Dean, coming from a fellow conservative, just shut up. You have no idea what you’re talking about. As someone who wants to see a conservative mayor of Milwaukee and agrees we need tougher policing and prosecuting by our court system, I can tell you that you are WRONG about Mama Mia’s closing because of crime and this is NOT a bad neighborhood. Donovan is coming across as a whack job who will take advantage of anything in order to get his political point across. This is NOT GOOD and rather deplorable. Don’t tear down my neighborhood and tell your friends from the ‘Sha about how bad my neighborhood is.

    I’m originally from Mequon and I feel just as safe in my neighborhood as I do in my parents. The far west side is not the same as 25th and state (which actually is a small island of decent area in a sea of awful) which is not the same as the north side, which is different from the south side, etc. I’m glad you volunteered a little time to making the city better, we need more of that. But recognize the city is large and diverse and you frankly do not seem to understand it’s many nuances.

  59. PMD says:

    Thanks AG.

    Dean, your refusal to offer specifics coupled with AG’s comments means you’re a liar. There’s simply no other explanation here.

  60. AG says:

    After typing that, I realized the obvious… Mama Mia’s really might be closing because of crime. Because crime happens in some parts of the city, clueless exurb dwellers assume crime is happening everywhere. Their fear paralyzes them from understanding reality and their dysfunctional codependency on one another to reaffirm their beliefs in a city that must be completely full of crime means they will convince each other that no area is safe.

    Please do yourself a favor and visit Mama Mia’s one more time before it closes and take a walk around the area (conceal carry of course though!). You may be surprised.

  61. Dean says:

    I know exactly what I am talking about. The neighborhood is going to shit. I am done.

  62. Dean says:

    I was just at Mama’s last night and this past weekend. Now i’m done.

  63. AG says:

    Hm, I guess conversation over. Thus continues the separation between Milwaukee and her ‘burbs. We can mostly just mind our own business and not bother each other… but the unfortunate fact remains that Dean and others like him remain to spread the gospel of crime and devastation that is plaguing every corner of the city. Luckily a new generation of urban dwellers are moving back to the city and creating ever new safe and beautiful areas. Times are a’ changin’!

    So now… about the real crime problems in our city…

  64. Dean says:

    AG: I wish you well and glad you are a conservative. I get it why you want the neighborhood to be good and are doing your best to keep it good. The owner of Mama’s was trying to do the same as I have said. Good luck.

  65. PMD says:

    Your honesty here is much appreciated AG.

  66. Dean says:

    PMD: keep enabling the thugs with your head in the sand point of view. I am sure you will feel sooo good about yourself. You and AG can continue to appreciate each other.

  67. Dave says:

    So now you’re done?

  68. PMD says:

    Wait………………………………………………………………………………………………….OK now he’s done. For real.

  69. roberta wallace says:

    “And that reminds me, mayor, where’s your plan to fix our broken juvenile justice system” If I recall, juvenile justice is run by the County not the City, so not under the mayor’s control. Seems Ald. Donovan doesn’t even understand how the system works.

  70. Dean says:

    wow, looks like Burleigh st. is making a name for itself lately. I see it on the news every night. Can’t imagine why a great restaurant would close down. According to the ding dongs commenting on here, everything is great. Nothing to see here………yeah right.

  71. AG says:

    Dean, Burleigh Rd. stretches for 12.5 miles. The location of this restaurant is closer to Brookfield and MUCH closer to Wauwatosa than it is to where most of the crime is happening.

    When you see crime reported at 20something and Burleigh or even 40something and Burleigh that is 2-4 miles away. Wauwatosa is half a mile away and Brookfield is under 3 miles away. Not to mention it is direct surrounded by some of the safest and most stable areas in the city. One of the most unfortunate problems for Milwaukee’s image is that people outside the city, even Suburbanites who live right on it’s border, do not have any concept of the geography of the city. They hear “Milwaukee” and assume the entire city is the same as its worst parts.

  72. PMD says:

    So Dean is watching the news and sees that a crime occurred on Burleigh, and his reaction is to return to a two-month old press release and gleefully claim he was right (even though someone with first-hand knowledge of the area states he is incorrect)? That is just pathetic. Time to get out of the basement Dean.

  73. AG says:

    PMD, he swears he’s done now though.

  74. PMD says:

    Oh I know he’s totally done for real now. Not another peep from Dean.

  75. Dean says:

    Are you guys blind? The decay is happening right in front of your face! Not to mention, Burleigh is a main route to Mayfair from the inner city. I am not talking about 40th and Burleigh. I am intimately familiar with this neighborhood. I am not making assumptions. I guess it is much easier to make excuses than actually fix the problem.

  76. AG says:

    Haha, Dean I had you so good didn’t I?? Yeah yeah… so you’re right… the neighborhood is terrible. I can’t even believe I live nearby myself. I mean, safety is all relative. As long as I’m in the house and shutter the windows before dark I’m usually pretty good. But man… if I have to work late… or my wife decides to go for too long a run… or if all the kids on the street don’t make it home before the street lights come on… Yeah… lets just say I saw “The Purge” and it gave me flashbacks.

    I can’t wait to get out of the ‘hood! I’d sell it to the first person willing to buy it. How much do you have in your wallet right now?

    PMD… I told you he was done for real this time.

  77. PMD says:

    I heard the police won’t even patrol Burleigh. The hoodlums completely run the street. Stay safe AG. And you were right he’s done now.

  78. AG says:

    PMD, we don’t like to talk about that. Thanks for the well wishes though.

    Here’s a good tip too, in case you’re unsure how safe a neighborhood is. Go on google maps, like I did in this area. Go up and down the streets and see who and what the camera catches. In this case, I saw at least TWO minorities, a lawn that clearly wasn’t mowed in at least a week or more AND a full size van (clearly child predators are rampant in this area). I don’t know why I didn’t listen to Dean earlier.

  79. PMD says:

    AG what you described has chilled me to the bone. If I ever see any of those things anywhere near my neighborhood, the For Sale sign will be up immediately and we’ll move into a hotel until we find something permanent.

  80. Dean says:

    AG’s and PMD’s comments and attitudes are exactly why northwest Milwaukee is going down hill. Excuses and turning your ass cheek the other way. AG, I think you are worried about your property value , as well you should be. Good luck gaining equity in your home in the future. Your blindness will contribute to the continued downfall of the neighborhood and you will only have yourself to blame for not trying to speak out or make a difference in your own neighborhood. Sad. You can make fun of me about being “done”, but it is you who will be “done” when your neighborhood is taken over by people who don’t care about it and all the business have left. Instead of making fun of me, why don’t you speak out against the scum that is wrecking your neighborhood, as Donovan has said. Have fun selling your house in a few years….

  81. Kyle says:

    Wait, doesn’t Burleigh connect to other streets too? What’s the stop the criminals from expanding their empire? Stop lights? I know I live in Waukesha County, but this is too close for comfort! I’m turning in my two weeks notice and getting away from here, to someplace Milwaukee’s criminal empire can’t reach!

  82. AG says:

    Dean, I know exactly what you mean by “scum” and I’ve already mentioned this to my alderman. Those neighbors two houses down that have COMPLETELY let their bushes overgrow the front of their house. It looks like a freakin’ out of control conifer jungle. It’s really creepy actually. Unfortunately, despite the city codes for maintaining grass cutting and the like, he said there’s nothing he can do about the bushes.

    Oh yeah, also, this jerk on our neighborhood facebook page posted an electric tree trimmer for $50 to the first person who wanted it. I *KNOW* I was the first person to say I wanted it but he gave it to that guy on 80th. True story. Really pissed me off. I’m thinking about not going to this years Holloween party so I don’t have to see his stupid face. But I shouldn’t let one a-hole ruin my fun… right? Keep on the good fight I suppose.

  83. PMD says:

    You mean they haven’t already overtaken Waukesha County? Well it’s only a matter of time now.

    We’ve got a neighbor with a teenager. Said teen is driving now and he cruises through the neighborhood listening to that darn rap music, blaring it at all hours of the evening, sometimes after dinner time! We’re afraid to go outside.

  84. AG says:

    Oh, I actually came up with a much better example. Another true story, this one more serious.

    A good friend of mine who lives a couple blocks away had her house broken into and burglarized. So did a couple of her neighbors. This for sure demonstrates how bad the area is. But being a neighborhood of action, she did the right thing and divorced her husband who had a heroin problem dating back to his days growing up in an affluent suburb. Turns out he was the one who did the burglaries. He’s now back living in his parents house so the neighborhood is much safer again. I feel bad for the people in his parents neighborhood though… they better lock their doors with him there now.

  85. Dean says:

    It is no wonder we have the elected leadership in Milwaukee that we do. Enjoy your neighborhood. Enjoy the sirens.

  86. PMD says:

    I hear sirens in the suburbs quite frequently. It must be the Burleigh Street Boys invading our area and committing crimes.

  87. AG says:

    We don’t hear sirens, didn’t you see PMD’s comment about the police being afraid to patrol the area?

    Seriously though Dean, you’re a victim here. We shouldn’t give you such a hard time. It’s not crime that keeps some suburbanites from visiting Mama Mia’s, it’s the perception of crime. To this, you’ve fallen prey. I really do understand where you’re coming from, I had the same perception once. I know better now, and the stories I gave really are the worst I have to worry about (and they were all true by the way). Trust me on this, I am here every day.

  88. AG says:

    Alright, so I also have to admit I hear gunshots from time to time. This is why I’m not giving my exact address though… because it’s me firing an air rifle from my bedroom window. The wildlife is ridiculously out of control… The bunnies keep eating my young bushes and the chip monks make so much noise!! Did you know chip monks chirp?? I didn’t before getting this house… it’s incessant and SO annoying!

    But that’s not the worst of it. My neighbor said she saw a rat once going into my wood pile and asked me to move the pile into the garage. Um, no. Last thing I want is a rat in the garage! So instead I said she can put some rat poison in the pile. I don’t know if the rat she saw ate it (or if it existed to begin with), but it did help with my chip monk problem.

    In a tragic side note… one of the bunnies I took care of let out this terrible cry… I almost joined PETA after that and my wife was so pissed she wouldn’t let me shoot any for probably 2 weeks. First world problems, am I right??

  89. PMD says:

    Hey we have chirping chipmunks too! Mouse traps do the trick. And what are you doing with those rabbits? Hasenpfeffer anyone? Hmm delicious. My grandma used to make it.

  90. Dean says:

    AG, I get it, you like your neighborhood and that is great. I wish I felt the same way. I am bitter that the business is moving out because of people, most likely, not from your neighborhood coming up from the east and causing trouble. Black or White, it is a problem for local business. Trust me, I know what I speak of. I am not a victim, I am not offended like everyone these days, I am not a racist, and I am not making excuses. I hope you keep building your neighborhood and keep it nice, sincerely. It sounds like you care and that is good. If more people defended there city neighborhood like you, I think Milwaukee would be a better place overall. Now go trim those bushes!!!

  91. PMD says:

    I don’t trust you Dean. If the restaurant is closing because of rampant crime, why didn’t the owner or his son say that when they were interviewed about it in the Journal Sentinel? They talked about their reasons for closing the restaurant and neither one mentioned anything about crime.

  92. AG says:

    OK Dean, I’ll cut it out now. I might have gotten carried away. But yes, I do really like my neighborhood and get irritated when I feel people have the wrong perception of it and spread that false perception to others.

    PMD, as to your question.. first time I thought I could just hide it under a huge arborvitae… big mistake. The next morning it was in the middle of my backyard without it’s head. Clearly a ‘coon got to it. (again, true story) Not even a couple weeks later a raccoon, for which I can only assume was the same one, was hiding in the rafters of my garage. Tip: a quick way to get a raccoon out of your house/car/garage/whatever is a leaf blower. It took me 3 hours and myriad of other failed strategies to figure that out.

  93. Dean says:

    PMD: it is called “exiting with some class”, something I think you know very little about. Like I said two months ago, go ask Donovan the real reasons…….

  94. PMD says:

    Dean pardon me of I take the word of someone who actually lives in that very neighborhood over the word of you and an alderman who grandstands for a living and doesn’t live anywhere near the neighborhood in question.

  95. PMD says:

    That’s a good tip AG. Not often, but on occasion we have a racoon or possum in the front yard.

  96. Casey says:

    HOLY CRAP! PMD and AG are killing me with this! After a long week this is about the most hysterically funny thing I’ve read all week. I’m about to fall out of my chair.

  97. AG says:


  98. Dean says:

    I find very little of all this amusing. I find it sad.

  99. AG says:

    It is indeed sad… the false perception you have of the area is quite disappointing.

  100. AG says:

    Dean, I think I know where some of my hostility towards you comes from. In my early school years I went through the Brown Deer school system. The elementary school was called “Dean School.” The mascot was the dragon. When I was in 3rd grade a professional artist came in to work with the students to design a mural to go up in the main entrance. A competition was held between all the students to draw the best dragon. Top two dragons would be incorporated as the main pieces to this mural. I had one of the two best, I was very proud.

    Years late, brown Deer decided to tear down Dean School. I didn’t find out until the building was down. If I had known, I might have tried to get the mural for myself. It would have looked great in the neighborhood now. Anyway… I’m still bitter about it, and now the name “Dean” is a bit of a sore spot.

    (another true story)

  101. PMD says:

    Can I please see a picture of this award-winning dragon?

  102. AG says:

    Oh man… I’ll ask my parents if they still have one. No promises though.

  103. PMD says:

    Fingers crossed!

  104. AG says:

    OK, now I feel like you’re just being sarcastic, PMD. Do I not sound credible? How can I make this stuff up? The other dragon was actually drawn by a kid named Carl. Carl actually went on to become an honest to god talented artist. I can’t say the same for myself. But at least I was in good company for a while.

  105. PMD says:

    I believe you AG. Honestly.

  106. Tom D says:

    Dean, the chance of being the victim of a homicide in Milwaukee is similar to being killed in a suburban traffic accident. In 2012, for example, the City homicide rate was 15.5 per 100,000 (92 homicides), while the Washington County motor vehicle accident death rate was 14.1 (19 highway deaths and 131,887 people).

    Almost every day I see stories in about some freeway reopening after some kind of crash. I can “tell” from those stories that driving is EXTREMELY dangerous. (After all, isn’t that exactly how you “learned” that Milwaukee is so dangerous?)

    Seriously, how many times have you driven somewhere and seen the aftermath of a car wreck? Now how many times have you driven somewhere and seen the aftermath of a violent crime?

    I’ve seen lots of mangled cars in my years, but have NEVER seen the aftermath of a violent crime. This tells me that I am at much more risk of injury or death from a traffic accident (no matter how safe I drive—there are lots of drunks out there!) than I am from crime.

  107. Dean says:

    Tom, PMD, and AG. : I lived in Milwaukee for many years, I have lots of family who live in Milwaukee, and I frequently do business in Milwaukee. Your city sucks and I am not some “outsider” that is just commenting without knowing anything. Your liberal politicians suck, your business environment sucks, your taxes suck, and the list goes on. I would rather drive “my freeways” and live in the burbs than live in a city that is dying because of head in the sand libs like you, who tolerate, and accept the downward spiral of Milwaukee. You can talk about your squirrels, rats, and racoons, and ohhhh, how funny , haha, but I can plainly see that you are part of the problem and will continue to accept mediocrity and tolerate violence and hold your candle light vigils,and put up with trash. I cannot believe the defense of Milwaukee as it is. Why not show that you care about change and making the city better? I think your making fun of all this really shows your tolerance for crap. You can have your dying city, I will be breathing fresh air, paying lower taxes, and sleep safely at night without putting up with the problems that could be controlled if people REALLY cared. Business buildings continue to become vacant. Hey AG and PMD, maybe the rats and squirrels can move in. I am sure you would love that.

  108. Tim says:

    Dean, if you lived here… didn’t you help make Milwaukee what it is today?

  109. Dean says:

    Tim, I sure paid enough taxes that were pissed away on social programs and bad schools, and bad government , because of shit politicians and people who are like you and ask stupid questions. Trust me, I have done my part. How about you Tim? What have you done?

  110. TF says:

    @Dean: does Milwaukee has its faults? Of course. Is there crime? Yes, and it’s concerning, but spurts like this year’s crime wave come and go. Back in the early 1990s, people would have thought Milwaukee would go the way of Detroit due to the high crime and cocaine infusion, but things got better. Is Milwaukee’s economy great? No; indeed, it’s a reflection of a terrible state economy that hasn’t improved in years, even under the state’s current, “business-friendly” administration. But is the city a disaster? Is it (or will it be) as bad as Detroit? Certainly not. As much as I dislike overdevelopment in the city, it’s clear – by taking a drive through the East Side, down Water Street, Kinnickinnic Avenue, or Sherman Boulevard and Martin Drive – that things aren’t that bad. Dean, our city is going through some challenges, but these sure aren’t the fault of some doddering liberal elite, and we don’t live in the dystopia you seem to envision.

  111. dean says:

    @TF: TF, while you make the case for Milwaukee, it is excuses and wishful thinking. Sure there are pockets that are good in the city. I’ll give you that. Why couldn’t Grand ave make it? Why couldn’t Northridge make it? Why is Mayfair having trouble? Why is Browndeer Road vacant? Why is the entire northside and northwest side on rocky ground. It is because of good people not doing anything and looking the other way as so many on this forum are doing. They are too busy looking at squirrels and rabbits….. Why is Waukesha,Washington, Ozaukee, and many other counties growing with Milwaukee county transplants? It is because they are sick of the shit they have to put up with in Milwaukee county. I would love to see Milwaukee succeed and thrive but with turds like the majority on this forum and the attitudes they have, it will not happen. Will the last good guy please turn out the lights before exiting Milwaukee……thank you.

  112. PMD says:

    Dean you come across as an extremely hateful, ignorant, and simple-minded person. I can’t imagine what someone like you is doing to make Milwaukee better. Lambasting the city here and lying about crime in a specific neighborhood are certainly not helping the city. It’s also amusing to see what a stereotype you are, the narrow-minded suburbanite who is terrified of the city and won’t leave their nice comfy suburb because of irrational fear. That’s a sad way to live your life.

  113. dean says:

    PMD: Me simple minded? Narrow minded? How about opening your eyes and seeing the city for what it is becoming. You are the sad one. What are YOU doing to make the city better? I would really like to know PMD.

  114. AG says:

    Dean, you misunderstand. We’re not making fun of the situation, we’re making fun of you. Unfortunately you’ve made up your mind about the entire city of Milwaukee and I fear there’s nothing I can do to sway your opinion. My hope is that at best, you don’t convince people unfamiliar with Milwaukee that it’s the type of place you believe it to be.

    I recognize Milwaukee for all it’s faults, and I do my best to fight higher taxes, speak out about how we need to fight crime and I attempt to improve our neighborhoods through several great organizations. However, I also know how to recognize the good that Milwaukee has to offer. Or, at least I can recognize when a particular neighborhood (this one) is not part of the problem.

    Couple side comments. Northridge started having serious trouble after a suburban man shot his wife and said gangs did it. I worked at that Sears for the years during it’s decline… I can tell you it did not decline due to crime, it declined because people were afraid of crime and thus the Mall was empty. Finally, Mayfair is not in Milwaukee.

  115. dean says:

    PMD: typical liberal comeback, calling me simple minded and hateful and ignorant. Right out of the liberal playbook. How are those squirrels doing?

  116. PMD says:

    Dean you’ve called me names here. Is that out of the conservative playbook? Where does one purchase the playbook? I’d love to get a copy. Might come in handy. And I call you those things because that’s exactly how you come across. City folks (the people you seem to despise) poke fun of ignorant suburbanites who refuse to leave the suburbs and enter the city because they believe they’ll be carjacked and murdered. I have relatives like this. You seem very similar to them, and I think it’s sad that people would live their only life in a constant state of fear and ignorance. I am not blind to Milwaukee’s problems. I don’t get how you leap to that conclusion simply because I don’t believe that one pocket of the city is as bad as you claim it is.

  117. dean says:

    AG: If you think the downfall of Northridge was because of the suburban man, you are delusional. Make fun all you want, you are on a sinking ship and you refuse to do anything about it but look at your squirrels and birdies.

  118. dean says:

    PMD: again, what have YOU done to make the city better? You didn’t answer my question. Also you and your counterpart AG still don’t understand that I have not always been a suburbanite. I have lived in the city for many years and know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I am not afraid, just tired of the Milwaukee scene. Get that through your head. Why do you think Tom Barret was so afraid to take away residency requirements for public workers? Because he too thought that people would move out. Even the MAYOR sees this. Something you both refuse to see.

  119. AG says:

    Oh lord… yes Dean, I realize it was not that one incident. The downfall was all the simple minded, hateful, ignorant suburbanites who were afraid to go to the Mall because of the crime they were convinced was happening. I know I know… it was all because of the hooligans at the arcade and the theater that closed a decade before the mall did…

    It was funny, because all the simple minded, hateful, ignorant suburbanites that were too afraid of the mall showed up in droves once Sears announced their big closing sale. Parking lot of jam packed and as far as I know, not a single one of them got carjacked.

  120. PMD says:

    You lived in the city once. I get it Dean. But a person who lives in the very neighborhood you speak of says you are wrong. I trust him a hell of a lot more than I trust you. And again I don’t understand how you can make the leap from me questioning your contention about one neighborhood in the city to me defending everything bad about the city. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    Are you going to play the “you didn’t answer my question” game? I did ask you first, and you haven’t answered. I taught in MPS and did my best to be a good educator (with mixed results). I volunteer for a nonprofit that is dedicated to making Milwaukee a vibrant place to visit and explore. I work for an organization providing pre-K services for poor children. Your turn.

  121. AG says:

    PMD, I’d like to say, as much as we disagree and argue about so many topics… I really appreciate that we can at least share our disappointment in people like Dean.

  122. dean says:

    AG: Enjoy those squirrels while you can, because they may be chased out by the rats as the city gets worse…..

  123. PMD says:

    Same here AG.

  124. dean says:

    PMD: Thank you for answering the question. Glad you are giving back. I also volunteer on many boards and associations and do many charity events. The difference is that I now do them in the suburbs. Milwaukee is a lost cause. Too many “victims” and people that don’t appreciate anything and feel entitled. Unfortunately, they outnumber the people that really could use the help. You and AG can handle Milwaukee, you have alllllllll the answers.

  125. PMD says:

    Never said I have all the answers. Don’t think AG said that either. And Milwaukee is not a lost cause. I can’t imagine having that viewpoint. You might as well say humanity is a lost cause and move to a cabin in the mountains.

  126. AG says:

    Dean, if you come to this website, even occasionally, you would probably notice that PMD and I are among many here that are not only aware of the many problems in the city, but attempt to wrap our heads around ways to address them. What makes you so upset that we may think at least one corner of the city may actually be a quiet, safe, pleasant place to live? Why does that get you so riled up?

  127. Dave says:

    What a loser. Stay out of our city.

  128. dean says:

    Dave: you are the loser thanks to your local government.

  129. dean says:

    AG: What get’s me riled up is a good business closing down because of what they were experiencing. You and PMD can have your love fest and I am not surprised that I am a minority voice on this site. The state of the city speaks volumes as to the attitudes expressed on this website.

  130. PMD says:

    What were they experiencing Dean? What crimes were occurring on such a regular basis near the business that their only choice was to close down for good? You insist AG is wrong when he states that the neighborhood is not crime infested like you say it is even though he lives there and you don’t. So you must have vast knowledge of all the crime there. Share the details.

  131. dean says:

    PMD: the business is gone due to people not wanting to come to the neighborhood anymore due to theft, unruly patrons, car breakins, building breakins, shootings within a few blocks, a meth addict rehab facility on the next block, teen mobs, trash around the streets, the owner of the restaurant being held up more than once, and the list goes on and on. That is what matters. Now AG’s neighborhood is stuck with a vacant building and less Milwaukee jobs, but nothing to see here. Everything is great, look at all my squirrels, hahahahah, what a joke.

  132. PMD says:

    And how do you know this Dean? Since you do not live in the neighborhood, are you friends with the owner or did you pore over police reports? And why do you think your account is so at odds with that of someone who actually lives in this particular neighborhood?

  133. dean says:

    PMD: I know the police reports and I am close with the business.

  134. PMD says:

    Have other nearby businesses closed as well? And again why is the account of someone who actually lives in that area so different from yours?

  135. dean says:

    PMD, I don’t know. Does AG have a business in the neighborhood? Running a business in that neighborhood and living on a side street are two different things, wouldn’t you say? Try running a business in that neighborhood and you will see what I am talking about.

  136. PMD says:

    There are a lot of businesses in that neighborhood. Have any owners expressed a fear of the allegedly rampant crime in the area? Why haven’t they joined together to demand that something be done about all the crime forcing a longtime business to close?

  137. AG says:

    PMD, I don’t think anything you say is going to change his opinion. He has learned of some vague crimes that he was told happened and now sees this area as a hotbed for crime. Any evidence he can come up with will only reinforce the idea. Case in point, he’s worried about a meth rehab office a block away. Does it matter that Brookfield has a string of in and out patient drug rehab facilities throughout the town? No, only in this crime ridden neighborhood is that some sort of sign of how bad things are.

    Dean has likely also heard about how dangerous it is downtown after dark. I’m sure he does his best to avoid that as well. It’s like the hunger games out there. Being aware that crime exists is one thing… but to blindly believe it’s as rampant as this is another. Often it’s not crime that keeps sheltered people from most areas… it’s the fear of crime (whether its’ real or imagined).

  138. dean says:

    PMD: if you knew anything of what you are talking about, the businesses have a neighborhood group and have been trying to save the area for years. It has not worked. Mama’s was a major contributor in keeping the area vibrant and safe. They are now gone, the rats are moving in for AG to watch.

  139. PMD says:

    You’re absolutely right AG, on all counts.

  140. PMD says:

    Sorry Dean I think you’re full of it. Have a great day.

  141. dean says:

    PMD: everything I have said is true. I think you are full of it also.

  142. PMD says:

    There’s no reason to believe you. A resident of the area says you are wrong. The only public comment on this is a press release from a grandstanding alderman who does not live in or represent the area. The business owner did not mention or even hint about crime as the reason for closing the business. There’s been no public outcry from other businesses in the area about rampant crime forcing the business to close. Elected officials representing the area haven’t backed up Donovan’s claim. You have no case here. It’s your word and one press release and that’s it (a very flawed press release that says businesses plural and then names one).

  143. dean says:

    PMD: There is no reason to believe YOU!!! You are not from the area, you don’t have ties to the business, and you take the word of one resident who likes to play with squirrels. Good day to you sir!

  144. PMD says:

    The burden of proof is not on me as I am not the one who claimed that a business shut down due to rampant crime.

  145. Dave says:

    So a guy whose wife divorced him and whose house was foreclosed on shuts his mediocre his restaraunt because of the crime in a fairly crime free neighborhood. Riiiiiiiight…..

  146. AG says:

    Dean, in case you’re ever forced to go to the hell hole that is Milwaukee. I suggest you find yourself a good crime map. The JS has one… but here’s a nice one too:

    Crime happens everywhere, but if you follow something like that, it will help keep you away from the worst of it. Good luck to you, sir. For both our sakes, I hope you never have to venture anywhere near an urban area.

  147. dean says:

    Dave: you are a no class p.o.s.

  148. dean says:

    AG: I hope I don’t either. Much nicer in the burbs.

  149. NMil says:

    The north side of Milwaukee is becoming a waste land. Toys R’ Us is closing at the end of April. Some say it’s the crime but I believe it’s the type of patrons who frequent that area. There’s a reason why segregation exists in the city of Milwaukee. Some people are simply loud, rude, disrespectful, and have no regard for public property. Store employees can barely keep up let alone do the actual job that they are hired to do. That’s why I prefer to do all my shopping outside of the city where public transportation isn’t accessible. The stores look nicer and feel nicer because customers aren’t rummaging through them like animals. Employees practice friendly customer service instead of standing around and having loud, personal conversations. Plus, because they aren’t backed up with putting away products that customers leave aimlessly on shelves, they can actually perform their jobs – like help you find something, stock shelves, keep the floors and restrooms clean.

  150. Vincent Hanna says:

    I live near that Toys R Us. I have been there countless times over the last 5 years with my kids. I have never had a single poor experience there. The staff has been friendly and the patrons well-behaved. NMil your post reads like a parody of a clueless and racist suburbanite.

  151. AG says:

    To be honest, I actually thought this store closed 2 years ago… even though I drive past it probably once a month or so. However, the last couple times I was there I never had a bad experience… but it was always dead.

    It was never the crime around Northridge, it was just the perception (really started by a white dude from Mequon). I worked at the Northridge Sears for years and watched traffic decline steadily because of the perecptions… but low and behold when the store was closing it was suddenly packed with people from the outer burbs trying to get a deal. Great that they could brave the crime to get 20% off.

  152. Vincent Hanna says:

    It is usually dead, but in the last 5 years going there has been no different from going to a Toys R Us in Brookfield or Menomonee Falls in terms of the customer service and overall store vibe/friendliness/cleanliness. And not once did I ever encounter a rude or loud customer, black, white, or otherwise.

  153. Dean says:

    I agree with NMil and of course we are all clueless and racist and the same ole b.s. They can keep burying their heads in the sand and “coexist” while acting like everything is o.k. when it is not.

  154. Vincent Hanna says:

    Dean is back! Long time Dean. What’s happening?

    When you call certain people animals, then yes, you are racist. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it is the cold, hard truth.

  155. Dean says:

    Black, White, or otherwise, if you act like an animal and the shoe fits…..well then they are animals. You may call us racist, but if telling the truth about how people act and having a REAL conversation about it is racist these days , well then so be it. Sorry if that hurts YOUR feelings or anyone elses but THAT is the cold hard truth too.

  156. Vincent Hanna says:

    Have you ever been to the store in question? I have. 20 or 30 times in the last 5 years. No one has ever acted that way.

    People from all races are capable of extremely poor behavior, but singling out only one of them and labeling them animals is not “telling the truth.” That is being a racist. There is a big difference. NMil was talking about one group of people and you eagerly agreed with him, so you were not “telling the truth” but singling out one group of people.

  157. Dean says:

    NMil was simply stating what he or she has observed and you jump on and call racism. I have observed the same behavior from the African Amerians and Whites in that area. I would expect and deserve to be called an animal if I acted that way. If that is racist then fine.

  158. Vincent Hanna says:

    They were not talking about all races Dean. They were singling out one race. That is why it’s racist. If you can’t understand that you are part of the problem.

  159. Dean says:

    I guess it is not o.k. anymore to state what you see with your own eyes or you will be labeled racist. Typical liberal “feel good” politically correct crap. You can say I’m part of the problem, but how? By stating the obvious? You are the problem sir.

  160. Dean says:

    What a sad state our society is in Vince, that we cannot state anymore what we are actually seeing with our own eyes without be labeled a racist. Truly over the edge.

  161. AG says:

    Dean, NMiL was clearly saying it was because of black people that he doesn’t shop there. That’s like me saying I don’t shop in Sussex because of all the rednecks in their lifted trucks acting like uneducated, rude, loud a-holes. Are they there? Sure… is everyone? No.

  162. Vincent Hanna says:

    If you see bad behavior and it makes you feel better to call the people acting poorly animals, so be it. If you just casually label one group of people animals, that’s not the same. It is not being PC to call out the labeling of an entire group of people. That you can’t see how you are part of the problem is emblematic of the problem.

  163. Vincent Hanna says:

    Yes it is terrible when you can’t be an overt racist anymore and people object to you stereotyping an entire race. My heart bleeds for you.

  164. Vincent Hanna says:

    Not to mention that being in the area is not even close to being the same as actually shopping in the store. Unlike you I have been in the store. I would not have taken my children there for years if it was dangerous or if the employees or customers were loud and rude.

  165. Dean says:

    yep , blame the white guy and not the real problem. ….cry racism. If they act like animals, they will be called animals, black or white. Why do libs love defending bad behavior?

  166. Vincent Hanna says:

    Anyone actually reading the comments will not find a single instance of someone defending bad behavior. Again, I have actually been to the store in question, while you have not. That means I have direct experience while you do not.

  167. AG says:

    Vincent, as long as this thread has existed, Dean has shown again and again that he bases his opinions on perception and what others tell him and not through actual first hand experience. You won’t change his mind.

  168. Dean says:

    Let’s all hear it for Liberal mediocrity! yaaaaaayy..

  169. Dean says:

    Wow, the city is really making a turnaround this Summer. And you wonder why businesses are closing and going elsewhere. ….

  170. AG says:

    Look who crawled out of the bog to revive an old press release that was based on a false premise to begin with.

    There’s real issues and actual situations where once stable and safe neighborhoods like Sherman Park are being over run with crime… and residents with good jobs and intact families who are afraid of the violent riots going on outside their homes. But you just keep worrying about perceptions of all black people and the crime they bring with them, Dean… whatever floats your boat.

  171. Dean says:

    AG, how do you run a business when nobody wants to be in that neighborhood to go and get a pizza anymore? If nobody comes, your business is over. How is that a false premise , smart guy? You know I’m right. We could go on and on about racism and black vs. white and who’s right and wrong, etc…….. Apathy, tolerance, liberal policies for the last 100 years, excuses, culture, fear, lack of parenting, lack of education with a failed MPS system, victim mentality, and on and on……but oh yeh…..I’m the bigot right. Keep dreamin . Milwaukee is becoming a shit hole with a nice downtown in the middle. Wow, great job.

  172. Jason says:

    Bob Donovan is in the political minority and city residents voted against his policies . The city of Milwaukee wants less cops and if your beatened or sexual assaulted your police wait time is a half and hour. The city of Milwaukee wants law abiding citizens to not carry guns to protect themselves. Barrett is mayor and his elected alderman think police officers are the problem.

  173. AG says:

    Dean, it’s a false premise on two levels. First, to say that people don’t want to be in that neighborhood is false. Thousands of middle class people live within a 1 mile radius of the former restaurant. There are other thriving businesses on the street within a few blocks that do just fine. Great example, Bunzel’s just had a large expansion to handle all their customers and catering business.

    The second level is the belief that anyone who didn’t go there “because of crime” stopped going because they were a victim of crime or knew of crime happening. Instead, they would have not gone because of a poor perception of crime spread by people like you who really have no clue.

    Then again… maybe, just maybe… the food scene in Milwaukee has changed and we have a much more diverse and higher quality mix of dining options for people and this business just couldn’t compete anymore. It’s sad when an icon closes, but the consumers make the decisions.

  174. AG says:

    Just to clarify, just because a few businesses are thriving doesn’t mean the burleigh corridor is… There’s little reason for people to go there when North ave has built up so much, not to mention all the activity in the Mayfair corridor. My point was just that if you have a good product that is worth making a destination, like Bunzel’s, then people will still come. Unless keeping different neighborhoods in Milwaukee confuses you, or you actually believe the entire city is unsafe, there’s no way you’d stay away because of “crime” in the neighborhood.

  175. Vincent Hanna says:

    Jason you are stretching with those claims. Barrett is out there with Flynn and they are working together on these issues. They are allies. Imagine that. Clarke is the problem with his grandstanding and overheated rhetoric and divisiveness. Never met a TV camera or microphone he didn’t want to be in front of.

    On the guns matter, those in support of more gun control are often criticized as being out-of-touch elitists who don’t really understand those who feel differently about guns and use them for hunting, recreation, etc. And I think there is a lot of truth to that. But the same could be said of the gun rights crowd. Many can’t seem to fathom that a lot of people don’t want to live in a place where people are packing everywhere. Many of the residents of Sherman Park strongly believe there are just too many guns around. Their beliefs are as legitimate as anyone else’s.

  176. AG says:

    Jason, most people in this area want more police officers… but they still voted for Barrett (I did anyway) because Donovan is a moron. Next time we put up a more conservative candidate, we need someone with more credibility and who can actually speak to topics. The “simple guy” persona of Donovan may fly on the south side, but this area is more educated and needs someone who knows what they’re doing… not getting caught doing naughty things in public restrooms helps too.

  177. Vincent Hanna says:

    Sums up Donovan quite well. Also, again, Flynn and Barrett have a good working relationship. Barrett is a pretty pro-police mayor.

  178. Jason says:

    AG, no conservative will run Milwaukee. Don’t play this game where if that guy is qualified..blah-blah, your beliefs no matter how bad Milwaukee gets would still lead you to pull for Barrett at the voting booth. It is who you are? On a different note, all these Milwaukeans that say we will rebuild are dead wrong. The insurances rates alone in that area will skyrocket and will the city of Milwaukee be in the insurance business or the real estate business again?

  179. Dean says:

    Jason is correct. It is unlikely that “the rebuilding” will happen. AG and Vince still don’t get basic economics. It doesn’t matter if it is perception or if it is true reality, business depends on people coming to the area and buying things. Bunzels is a BAD example. They are not a bar or restaurant and do not serve the public in that way and are not open at night. BIG difference.

    You won’t change the mind of the libs who must defend bad behavior, lib policies and politicians, and all the crap that happens at all costs. They will not admit the failures and they will keep defending the indefensible.

    Again, AG, how is it a false premise that Mama Mia’s closed due to the perception of the area being bad? You can’t run a business if nobody wants to come to the area!!!

    On a separate note, the owner of Mama Mia’s has had to deal , first hand with lots and lots of crime, theft, robbery, and much more. How much was he supposed to take? He tried to organize the area businesses and treated the cops like gold in order to keep them coming around. When will enough be enough for you AG? When?

    How do you expect to solve problems in the city if you constantly defend the issues causing the problem.?

    Lastly, I think “perceptions” are fast becoming reality because of libs like you tolerating bad behavior and enabling an erosion of culture in your community.

  180. Vincent Hanna says:

    Dean I will admit I do not live in the area. Do you? How close to the (former) restaurant do you live? I read through the comments on several stories about the closing, and people who say they live in the area insist it’s not “thuggish” and state that people who don’t live in that neighborhood are ignorant.

    Also, no one here is defending criminal behavior. That’s utter nonsense. You seem way more interested in flame-throwing than having a constructive conversation. AG is not a “lib.” He’s pretty conservative.

  181. Vincent Hanna says:

    Also, Tony Pipito apparently had serious money problems, and some patrons believe the restaurant’s quality greatly deteriorated. But I suppose it’s more convenient to blame crime and “libs.”

  182. Dean says:

    Vincent, you just proved my point. Economics 101. What do you think happens when a business is not being patronized anymore? YOU LOSE MONEY and have money problems and you close the doors!!! Of course Tony Pipito had problems as result of crime and , yes, perception also. Good Grief.

  183. AG says:

    Dean, if you only knew how silly you appear when you talk about this stuff to someone who lives in the neighborhood. Look… I’m sure you’re friends with Tony Pipito and he told you a nice story about how rampant crime ruined his business because he didn’t want to admit that people just weren’t interested in his business anymore when there are so many better options these days. Heck, maybe he believed it himself because he couldn’t come to terms with reality. But if you won’t take the word of actual residents of the area who know what’s going on far better than you do then that would be your problem. Just don’t go spreading lies about this being crime ridden dangerous place to others who also have no clue.

    It’s not that crime doesn’t happen, and you won’t see anywhere in the nearly 200 comments where someone said it didn’t take place, just like all the other suburban areas that are seeing the inner-city crime creeping into their neighborhoods. However, your perception is absolutely wrong. You have Enderis, Cooper, and Kops park neighborhoods surrounding this place with Mt. Mary and Nash Park (not to mention Wauwatosa) just past those. That means you have some of the highest educated people in the metro living right here (who knows how long that will last now that the Walker Administration blocked residency requirements).

    Neighborhood groups are active, organized, and vocal to the city and police department. Nothing happens without everyone knowing and being on top of it. In addition, the city and neighborhoods recently formed the Burleigh / Lisbon business district to help turn around the business areas. So clearly you’re not aware of what is or is not happening in the business community in the area either.

    Fun anecdote, after her house was broken into twice and an attempt was made a third time while she was home sleeping, a good friend of mine sold her house in the northern part of Tosa last year so she can move back to Cooper Park where she felt safer. But then again, you and Jason probably have no idea what Cooper Park or Enderis, or Mount Mary neighborhoods even mean. You probably think it’s right next store to Sherman Park and that Sherman Park is the worst part of the inner-city…

    See, now you made me go on a long rant… let me just sum it all up by saying once again, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  184. AG says:

    Jason, it doesn’t take being a “lib” to realize Donovan is a turdball (technical term).

  185. Vincent Hanna says:

    Good grief Dean read the story. The money problems stemmed from other businesses he owned. And if former patrons are correct, the restaurant’s quality went down the tubes. Of course he lost business as a result. Cripes almighty. Economics 101.

    Tony has gone on some serious anti-“lib” rants, so his motives, and yours Dean, are clear.

  186. Vincent Hanna says:

    So Dean doesn’t even live in the neighborhood. Big shocker. Great post AG. My sister lives around 90th and Burleigh. Loves the neighborhood. Great area. Nice neighbors. Not a single problem. Feels perfectly safe. By bro-law, a 5th District MPD officer, told them before they bought the house that the area is perfectly safe.

  187. Dean says:

    Vincent , you could not be more wrong in your assessment. I am very familiar with the neighborhood and grew up their and have lots of family their.. Why so hostile towards Mama Mia’s? I think you have an agenda and like to throw stones. You and AG are the ones that sound silly and Pollyanish.

  188. Vincent Hanna says:

    OK so you don’t live there. AG actually lives there. My sister lives there. You do not. Just so we are clear.

    Until this discussion started here I had no opinion whatsoever of Mama Mia’s. I still don’t. Never ate there. No agenda against the restaurant. You however appear more than willing to go along with whatever the owner and Donovan (who also doesn’t live in the neighborhood) say, regardless of whether or not it is true. That suggests an agenda.

  189. Dean says:

    Vincent, again, I used to live there for many years. I know the situation, I know the neighborhood, and I know what is or is not true. I have seen the urban blight creeping in and have seen the area change with my own two eyes. I have no agenda other than to point out the hypocrisy of you and AG and some others posting. You damn right I am sticking up for the owner and Donovan. They had the stones to recognize and actually start talking about what is really going on around the area. I could care less about the neighborhood anymore……but AG should. You and AG would rather make excuses and watch squirrels and watch your city burn and feel good about your tolerance than actually do something or stand up to the thuggery all around you. Again….all….around…. you. Let that sink in.

  190. Vincent Hanna says:

    AG does care. He and I disagree, a lot, but the man cares about his neighborhood. The fact that he cares AND actually lives there right now gives him way more credibility than you on this matter. Since my sister and her husband live there, and will soon be parents, I also care about the neighborhood. I want them to be safe. That my MPD officer brother-in-law (who is the opposite of a liberal) deems it safe for them and his own family tells me all I need to know. I’ll take AG and his word over yours.

    How exactly are you standing up to the “thuggery” Dean? Outside of posting here, which will really show them!

  191. AG says:

    Dean, again I’ll point out since you don’t live in the area, you have no idea what the neighbors do regarding the crime in the area. I’m pretty sure the district police chief and our liason officer are tired of hearing from us… but your image of how safe/unsafe it is proves ridiculously off base. I would laugh at the thought of you being afraid to walk down the street in the area at night if it weren’t so sad.

    Why do you continue to feel the need to push this image of yours and the spread your own fear the neighborhoods if you don’t care? I’d have to think Vincent hit it on the head… an agenda. There are real issues in Milwaukee concerning crime, schools, and more that I and my neighbors are highly concerned with and involved… but feeling safe enough to go to dinner at the former Mama’s restaurant isn’t be one of them. Since the crime rates are similar, I’m assuming you also fear going downtown and/or to the east side. Sometime tells me you have been to neither of those places in years either.

  192. Dean says:

    Well that is just great. While AG and Vincent congratulate each other and give each other big wet kisses about how great they are and how nothing is going on in Milwaukee and how the Burleigh neighborhood is so great, maybe pay attention to what is going on a few blocks from your glorious utopia of a neighborhood with no problems…..

  193. Angela says:

    I used to work there as a server.
    He went bankrupt.

  194. Joe Smith says:

    And thats that! We still miss the place

  195. AG says:

    Dang it, we made it almost a year without this one cropping back up!

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