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County Board Endorses SEIU Driven “Payback” Audit

Sups. Alexander and Borkowski Critical of "SEIU-Driven Payback Audit"

By - Sep 25th, 2014 01:46 pm

After a local business owner spoke out to show the faults of Milwaukee County’s SEIU-written “living wage” ordinance, the union and the politicians most loyal to it took aim with burdening retaliation.

The business is Supportive Homecare Options (SHO), which holds a County Family Care contract and is owned by a vocal advocate of employees’ right to work and to the right to choose whether or not to join a union.  When SHO refused to betray employees by lowering their take-home pay as the SEIU had pushed for, the company became a target.

Today the Milwaukee County Board voted 15-2 to side with the SEIU and audit SHO, based on nothing more than a politically fueled hunch.  Only Supervisors Alexander and Borkowski recognized the true motives at hand and stood against the measure.

According to Supervisor Davis Bowen’s first draft of the legislation and his public statements on the matter: the SEIU made the request and SHO is the target.

Supervisors Alexander and Borkowski agree that the basis for the investigation is non-existent and is propped up by feelings rather than a single shred of real evidence.  The company was most recently audited by Milwaukee County in April 2014.

“It’s like the County Board took a page out of the IRS playbook and this is another layer on the cake of politically driven witch-hunts,” said Supervisor Alexander.

Supervisor Borkowski said, “The fact that the original legislation singled this company out for an audit shows that the revisions to include other businesses were only aimed at ensuring enough votes could be tallied on board day.  The change was a cover-up for the real goal the SEIU is pushing for—getting payback by harassing the owner.  Don’t we have anything better to do than play these petty games?”

Supervisor Alexander testified strongly against the audit last week, but committee members took offense to her claim that it was based on unethical motives and a complete lack of evidence.

“This audit is a redundant waste of taxpayer resources and a clear result of the SEIU putting the squeeze on elected officials to exact payback against a law-abiding citizen for exercising her Constitutional right to freedom of speech,” said Alexander.

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