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Chris Abele Sends Campaign Dollars Out-Of-State

According to his campaign finance reports, Abele paid a Chicago-based direct mail firm, The Strategy Group, almost $300,000.

By - Jan 24th, 2016 12:41 pm

MILWAUKEE – January 21, 2016– Josh Kilroy, Chris Larson’s campaign manager, released the following statement regarding the local money County Executive Chris Abele’s campaign has sent to out-of-state companies for his campaign literature.

“Chris Abele has spent a fortune on mailers so far on this campaign. Abele is so out-of-touch that he refused to support local print shops for these mailers, choosing to send that money out-of-state instead. If Abele doesn’t know any of the fine local union printers who can need his printing needs, I would be happy to introduce him to some of the them.

“In contrast, Chris Larson brought three people – myself included – to Wisconsin, staffers who are paying state and local taxes and spending money right here in Milwaukee County. The campaign has worked with four different local union printers because Larson values supporting local businesses,” noted Kilroy.

Many political mailers carry a union label – often called the “union bug” – that identifies which printer produced the piece. Abele’s mailers had the union label number 169-L, which belongs to Rider Dickerson, a printer from Bellwood, Illinois. According to his campaign finance reports, Abele paid a Chicago-based direct mail firm, The Strategy Group, almost $300,000, presumably to write, design, and print the mailers.

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