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Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic Thanks MillerCoors for Generous Donation to South Shore

Says $500,000 Contribution Will Help Revitalize Park and Beach

By - Aug 27th, 2014 03:07 pm

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic was among those who accepted a $500,000 contribution on behalf of the Bay View community from MillerCoors today at South Shore Park. This generous contribution will help Milwaukee County continue to make improvements to South Shore Park over the next five years, specifically improving the water quality at the beach.

“Thank you to MillerCoors for continuing to invest in Milwaukee County Parks,” Dimitrijevic said. “On behalf of the residents in Bay View, we thank them for helping us to build on our vision for an improved beach for all to enjoy. We are grateful to have such a wonderful natural resource in our neighborhood and thankful for an amazing, local partner like MillerCoors.”

The MillerCoors contribution is part of a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences to revitalize the park.

Dimitrijevic, who lives very close to the park and is a longtime member of the South Shore Park Watch, said cleaning up the beach has been a priority of hers since taking office in 2004. She worked with neighborhood groups to bring $2.8 million of county and federal dollars to south shore to rebuild the break wall, improve the bike trail and restore the shoreline.

In addition, Dimitrijevic authored a successful budget amendment last year, directing county funds to the Parks Department to purchase a beach groomer to clean the sand along the South Shore. Planning and phase 1 designs will reconstruct the South Shore Yacht Club parking lot, which has needed repair and is contributing to runoff polluting the water. By replacing the current pavement with permeable pavement, runoff will be reduced and water quality will improve.

“I am ecstatic about this new partnership with MillerCoors in Milwaukee County. Their investment in Bradford Beach has contributed to a great revitalization that we are ready for in Bay View,” said Chairwoman Dimitrijevic. “The return on this kind investment will be felt for generations to come. I can’t wait for families all over Milwaukee County to be able to enjoy our beach once again. Thank you to MillerCoors for believing in Bay View and continuing to contribute to Milwaukee.”

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