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Cathy Myers Comments on Speaker Ryan’s Dress-Code Flap

Could House Speaker Paul Ryan's latest dress-code gaffe have broader implications?

By - Jul 6th, 2017 06:50 pm

Democratic Congressional Candidate Cathy Myers, who is challenging Paul Ryan in his marginally Republican-leaning district back in Southeast Wisconsin thinks so.

“We know Paul Ryan’s plan to rip health care away from 22 millions Americans is from the 1920s. But it seems his ideas about women’s attire also harken back to a another era. Perhaps, like many with outdated ideas about women, he should be retired by voters in 2018,” said Myers.

“Nearly every woman knows what it’s like to be shut out of opportunities because of regulations that disproportionately affect them compared to men. Paul Ryan’s oppressive dress code for the U.S. House of Representatives is just one more of his policies that makes it harder for women to have power over their own lives — the power to afford quality healthcare, to plan our own families, and now even to be able to just do our jobs. If the sight of shoulders keeps him from doing his job, then I will be happy to do it for him.”

Cathy Myers is a dedicated high school English teacher, school board vice president, and former union president. Cathy’s experience growing up as the daughter of army veterans and small business owners showed her the value of hard work and service to one’s country. She has two adult children and lives in Janesville, WI. To learn more about Cathy, visit, Facebook; or Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Cathy Myers Comments on Speaker Ryan’s Dress-Code Flap”

  1. Sarah Librarian says:

    Maybe LINK to the dress code? Or mention one of the specifics within the code that will only apply to “women.” Without that CRUCIAL information – how am I supposed to believe you?

  2. JUDY koz says:

    Paul Ryan Did Not Create a Sexist Dress Code for the House Floor !!! ON July 7, 2017 2:47 PM

    Congressional dress codes have existed for decades. Ryan didn’t dream them up to oppress women.
    On Thursday morning, CBS’s Rebecca Shabad reported that Washington, D.C.’s heat wave had reignited debate over the House of Representatives’ dress code, which forbids women from wearing open-toed shoes and sleeveless dresses and mandates that men wear a suit jacket with a tie, even in sweltering humidity.
    By Thursday evening, Paul Ryan was being accused of turning the House floor into The Handmaid’s Tale. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. “‘Handmaids’ in the House?” read the title of a Newsweek story. “Dress Code Requires (Most) Women to Cover Their Shoulders.”

    “Congress’s Dress Code Is Sexist and Just Plain F***ed Up” read another by Esquire. “What is this, Gilead?”
    Yes, Paul Ryan is literally enforcing a theocratic, patriarchal dictatorship within the walls of the House. Except if you make it past the headline of the original, well-reported CBS story, you will see that he is . . . NOT!
    As the story details, both men and women are subject to the summer-incompatible dress code, which is enforced on the House floor and in the Speaker’s lobby and has been around in some form for centuries.

    While the vague code is subject to the speaker’s interpretation, Ryan’s specifications do not deviate from those of the speakers immediately before him.

  3. JUDY koz says:

    Kathy Myers, maybe you should check your sources before you speak!

    Media Wrongly Blames Paul Ryan For Speakers’ Lobby Dress Code … Google it!!!!

  4. Vincent Hanna says:

    So glad this has been cleared up. Meanwhile Paul Ryan ignores his constituents and makes pathetic excuses about why he won’t hold a town hall meeting.

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