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Board Makes the Right Decision to Not Fund John Doe II Appeal

Minority Group of Supervisors Successfully Blocks Funding Proposal

By - Dec 17th, 2015 02:54 pm

MILWAUKEE—At today’s meeting of the County Board, Supervisors momentarily considered throwing good money after bad in funding District Attorney John Chisholm’s potential appeal of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court’s rulings on the “John Doe II” investigation.

A meaningful minority of Supervisors agreed not to allow the funding proposal to be added to the meeting’s agenda under suspension of the Board’s procedural rules. The funding request, put forth by Supervisors Patricia Jursik and John F. Weishan, Jr., did not gain the two-thirds vote of support needed for the proposal to be considered.

When Supervisors Deanna Alexander, Eddie Cullen, Marina Dimitrijevic, Jason Haas, Jim “Luigi” Schmitt, Anthony Staskunas, Steve F. Taylor and Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., worked together to cause a vote of only 9-8, the proposal was successfully blocked from moving forward.

“A variety of elected officials with differing political views, differing opinions of Governor Scott Walker, and differing perspectives of the John Doe investigations came together for one cause and I appreciate that the Milwaukee County Board has chosen not to send good money after bad in pursuit of an appeal,” said Supervisor Alexander.

“While this decision does not preclude District Attorney Chisholm from appealing, it does send a clear message that there is no prevailing desire to spend County taxpayer dollars to fund such an ill-advised endeavor.”

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