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Alderman Cavalier Johnson welcomes Milwaukee County Sheriff partnership

All too often, many of my constituents feel as if they cannot even go about their day due to rampant reckless driving in our community.

By - Sep 17th, 2017 08:11 pm

The recent announcement by Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt, regarding a partnership between the Sheriff’s office and the State that will add Wisconsin State Troopers to the efforts of Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputies to reduce speeds on freeways in Milwaukee County is a welcome sign. All too often, many of my constituents feel as if they cannot even go about their day due to rampant reckless driving in our community.

Not only do I hear these stories on a constant basis, I see them unfolding before my eyes quite literally every time I get behind the wheel myself — including at least three incidents today before 10:00 AM.

I am sure that my constituents would request not only extra presence on freeways but also, that partnerships should extend to county junkets and the state highways, like Capitol Drive, that bisect the city.

I’m certain that families that have seen loved ones killed or severely injured would appreciate this. For example, about four weeks ago, I learned of an accident in my district where a reckless driver struck a family traveling northbound on Fond du Lac Avenue in the rear. I have heard reports that this person was driving in excess of 30 miles per hour ABOVE the posted speed limit. Members of the family struck, suffered broken bones and pierced organs, and that wasn’t even the worst injury. As I attended a church service in my district last Sunday, I learned that an innocent fifth grader at the local school, and a member of the church, suffered severe injuries in the event. Until recently, the kid was in a coma because of the collision, and his injuries required a part of his skull had to be removed. No child deserves this. Period.

Therefore, I would implore Acting Sheriff Schmidt to bring this partnership to local state highways so that reckless drivers think twice before other children in some other neighborhood are hurt for no cause.

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2 thoughts on “Alderman Cavalier Johnson welcomes Milwaukee County Sheriff partnership”

  1. Judy Amroze says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We observe the reckless driving and it is actually terrifying especially on the expressway. We often wonder why there are not arrests, but can also imagine that it might be tricky to arrest someone on the expressway. I would welcome this intervention.

  2. MKE kid says:

    I am so glad that we FINALLY have a sheriff that is doing his job. I frequently have not driven on Milwaukee’s freeways for about the past 5 years because of the reckless driving and flagrant speeding going on, which is even more dangerous with all the construction going on. I’m driving at 60 in the right lane and vehicles tailgate me, which is unnerving. There are other vehicles in the other lanes that are going 20 over, some faster. It’s insane. I’m in full support acting Sheriff Schmidt with his excellent plan to crack down on enforcing traffic laws in our county. I love his plan to include the WI State Patrol and with getting his deputies more active in enforcing traffic laws in the city.
    It’s nice to finally see deputies on the freeways. So unlike the way things used to be under a certain other sheriff, who was totally useless and more interested in personal grandstanding. Thank you, Sheriff Schmidt!

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