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Ald. Rainey urges residents to help combat reckless driving

“There is nothing more selfish than choosing to prioritize your personal convenience over the safety and well-being of your fellow Milwaukeeans”

By - Apr 12th, 2017 03:10 pm

Following two fatal weekend car crashes in the 7th District that Alderman Khalif J. Rainey called “entirely preventable,” the North Side Alderman called on Milwaukeeans to combat reckless driving, and announced his plans to introduce legislation to help.

“There is nothing more selfish than choosing to prioritize your personal convenience over the safety and well-being of your fellow Milwaukeeans,” Alderman Rainey said. “As a husband and father, this behavior infuriates me beyond words. We all share these streets, but some of the drivers out there seem hell-bent on breaking the rules, which puts us all at risk.”

Alderman Rainey said the weekend fatalities are just the latest in a string of similar incidents, and he urged Milwaukeeans to take up the cause and dissuade drivers who run red lights, ignore crosswalks, text while driving, speed and weave through traffic.

“We all know someone who drives foolishly and ignores the rules,” Alderman Rainey said. “It’s time to let these people in your life know that they’re not invisible when they break the law. Be a leader among your friends and loved ones, and let them know that you don’t approve of reckless driving.”

Alderman Rainey will be introducing a resolution to the Common Council that calls for increased state funding to address reckless driving in the City of Milwaukee. Rainey said that perhaps through increased enforcement, the city can make reckless drivers fear the already dire consequences of their actions.

“Every time someone runs a red light, they’re playing Russian Roulette—not just with their lives, either, but with every other vulnerable person who’s out on the streets with them,” Alderman Rainey said.

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One thought on “Ald. Rainey urges residents to help combat reckless driving”

  1. blurondo says:

    Very mild mannered words considering that residents are being killed and intimidated and that it’s been going on for years.

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