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AG Schimel talks of prosecution & “proof” when asked about accusers of disgraced candidate Roy Moore

In the face of highly-corroborated allegations of sexual misconduct, Wisconsin attorney general casts doubt on survivors of sexual assault

By - Dec 6th, 2017 01:11 pm
Brad Schimel. Photo from the State of Wisconsin.

Brad Schimel. Photo from the State of Wisconsin.

MADISON — Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel refused to take any stand when asked by media if he denounced Roy Moore’s campaign to be elected to the U.S. Senate next week. His answer referenced his perspective as a prosecutor, damage from allegations and proof, despite a mountain of evidence.

Apparently the highly corroborated and well-vetted allegations of sexual assault against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore first documented in the Washington Post a month ago are not enough for Schimel.

“Schimel should immediately apologize for his statements and demand that Roy Moore end his campaign to bring his sexist and predatory behaviors to the U.S. Senate,” said Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “To even suggest that these allegations should be proven before he takes a stand against putting an alleged sexual predator in the U.S. Senate is insulting to every woman, girl and person who’s ever been victimized.”

In those same media interviews Schimel discussed harassment complaints Department of Justice has addressed, which led to the resignation of two DOJ employees.

“What does this say to women across Wisconsin and those working for Schimel’s DOJ, that he meets candidate Moore’s brave accusers with such skepticism?” asked Laning. “Protecting those who have bravely shared their stories should never mean subjecting them to a prosecutorial-type interrogation where they are doubted or viewed as liars.”

Yesterday the Democratic Party of Wisconsin called on Gov. Scott Walker and Speaker Paul Ryan to insist the Republican National Committee stop funneling money to elect an accused sexual predator. Walker and Ryan have called for Moore to end his campaign. However Schimel said he would not call on Moore to withdraw from the race because he “denies it and the prosecutor in me says that you’ve got to prove it.”

“This is a man who’s been banned from a mall for his predatory behavior. What more does Schimel need to believe these women?” asked Laning. “If Schimel believes in Wisconsin values of integrity and fair play, he should agree that the RNC has no business advancing the careers of men who have preyed on multiple, credible women and should join the chorus of those demanding that Moore step down immediately and the RNC stop funding him.”

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