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AFP-Wisconsin Disappointed by Court Setback for Worker Freedom

State Director Eric Bott says right-to-work critical to raise incomes, employment in Wisc.

By - Apr 8th, 2016 06:56 pm

MADISON — Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin reacted with disappointment after a judge struck down the state’s right-to-work law, which the group says would increase employment and allow workers more choice.

AFP-Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott had the following to say:

“This ruling is a slap in the face to Wisconsin workers and the rule of law.  Wages are the property of the workers who earned them. Unions have no innate right to take hard-earned dollars from working families against their will. Employees should never have to risk losing their jobs because of their choice to join or not join a union.  Every worker should be able to decide for themselves where their money goes. They should not be forced to pay dues for services that fail to meet their needs. Unions should exist to serve workers, not to confiscate earnings.”

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One thought on “AFP-Wisconsin Disappointed by Court Setback for Worker Freedom”

  1. AFP is a laughable defender of this law. The KOch owned group hates unions because they increase wages and benefits. They don’t fight fotr the worker. They fight for the Kochs

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