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Abele Continues to Push Wheel Tax Increase In Spite of Voter Opposition, Lipscomb Remains Opposed

Pending Legislative Action Puts All Wheel Tax Revenues at Risk

By - Dec 13th, 2017 01:16 pm

MILWAUKEE – County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr. reaffirmed his opposition to doubling the county wheel tax today, in the wake of comments by Abele administration officials who suggested that taxpayers bear the costs of Abele’s failure to manage his departments and identify $3.75 million in savings across a $1.1 billion budget, as required, without impacting critical services.

“Abele wants to give all Milwaukee County residents a $60 wheel tax for the holidays, I remain opposed to doubling the wheel tax, and think he deserves a lump of coal for continuing to ignore the will of the voters.” said Lipscomb.

Following a Finance and Audit Committee discussion this week over the Abele administration’s $200,000 cut to emergency homeless shelter contracts, the Abele administration began a renewed push for the County Board to take up Abele’s proposal to double the wheel tax, even suggesting a special meeting before the holidays to act on it.

The Milwaukee County Board rejected Abele’s $60 Wheel Tax proposal, for the second time, last month when they adopted the 2018 Budget.

The Abele administration’s effort to reintroduce his failed $60 wheel tax comes as the Wisconsin Legislature is once again considering a bill that would require a majority of voters to approve a wheel tax before municipalities could collect the revenue, making the risk of this revenue source even more acute.

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One thought on “Abele Continues to Push Wheel Tax Increase In Spite of Voter Opposition, Lipscomb Remains Opposed”

  1. Matt says:

    Find the money to help the homeless or let them stay at your house. Lipscomb’s abandonment of the citizens to score zero political points (because no one likes the Mr. Potter character) is indicative of another weak and inept politicial pretending he is some sort of tough guy. He should move to New York and enter real estate if he is hoping to turn cruelty and obliviousness into a political career. That crap doesn’t fly where people have hearts.

    This is called your JOB Lipscomb. Grow the balls to do it or shut up. Leadership does not come from crybabies with press releases. If you can’t find the money it is on you. You know where you could look. Ask the County Exec.

    “Lump of coal”. What a nitwit. You know who could use coal? The homeless. Its a heat source. Mighty Christian. Washing your hands of problems is more of an Easter time thing. And everyone says fuck that guy.

    Fuck this guy. Only assholes give out coal at Christmas. Look it up.

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