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Now Serving: More Burgers for Brookfield
Now Serving

More Burgers for Brookfield

Mooyah's comes to the mall. And a new country western bar on Old World Third St.

Burke’s Irish Castle on Blue Mound closed; site will become a craft beer bar
The Roundup: On the Fundraiser Trail
The Roundup

On the Fundraiser Trail

David Riemer held a fundraiser and art auction to advance his bid for County Executive. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design was the place, and over a hundred people showed up to look at the art (a Guido Brink retrospective) and to meet with the candidate March 8th. Wine was served, and the food was […]

The Roundup: Clark Picks Up Two State Endorsements
The Roundup

Clark Picks Up Two State Endorsements

Two of Wisconsin’s elder statespeople jumped on the Wesley Clark for President bandwagon recently. Former alderman, secretary of state and attorney Vel Phillips, who most recently issued the oath of office to Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt says she backs the Arkansas general for president. With her support, she joins such black leaders as Charles Rangel […]