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Plenty of Horne: Why We Should Move the War Memorial
Plenty of Horne

Why We Should Move the War Memorial

Veterans are poorly served there; the War Memorial and MacArthur statue should both move to west-side Veterans Center campus.

The Roundup: Tower De Force
The Roundup

Tower De Force

Mandel’s Groundbreaking High Rise

The Roundup: The Inaugural
The Roundup

The Inaugural

Marvin Pratt did not stand up with the crowd when Tom Barrett was inaugurated mayor, and the press has made a good deal of the slight. However, just after Judge Louis Butler administered the oath of office to the new mayor, Barrett’s first comments were to commend Pratt, and the former acting mayor did stand […]

The Roundup: No Challenge to Hill Papers
The Roundup

No Challenge to Hill Papers

But Halbrooks says Election Commission’s Extended Hours Helped Opponent