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Brian Fraley

Brian Fraley, president of Edge Messaging, LLC.

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Back in the News: Sykes Unloads Right Wisconsin
Back in the News

Sykes Unloads Right Wisconsin

Wigderson is new owner/editor. But don’t worry, Sykes is a still a “conservative.”

The State of Politics: School Choice Group Attacked Democrats
The State of Politics

School Choice Group Attacked Democrats

The group spent $850,000. Democratic Rep. Wright blames their late, “false” ads for her loss.

Murphy’s Law: Why Moderates Are Extinct
Murphy’s Law

Why Moderates Are Extinct

The retirement of Petri, Ellis and Cullen suggests neither party has room for moderates.

Murphy’s Law: The New Right-Wing Media
Murphy’s Law

The New Right-Wing Media

The state is a national leader in creating new conservative publications.