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Russell W. Stamper, II

Russell W. Stamper, II

Period: 2016 - July Continuing

Amount Raised: $13,085

Total Contributions: 51

Average Contribution: $257

Median Contribution: $200

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Date Name Amount Lifetime All Candidates Personnel File
Mar 24, 2016Harminder Singh$100$750
Mar 24, 2016Petty Babber$50$50
Mar 24, 2016Surjit Singh$200$200
Mar 24, 2016Gurpiar Singh$200$200
Mar 24, 2016Kanwarvir Singh$200$200
Mar 24, 2016Peter Feigin$500$7,250
Mar 24, 2016Satpal Singh$250$950
Mar 24, 2016Irina Manhani$250$250
Mar 24, 2016Lakhwinder Singh$100$2,150
Mar 24, 2016Vikramjit Singh$100$800
Mar 24, 2016Alex Lasry$500$8,443
Mar 24, 2016Jasjeet Singh$250$2,125
Mar 24, 2016Sukhdev Singh$200$200
Mar 24, 2016Penelope Stewart$50$50
Mar 24, 2016Karl Rajani$794$14,119
Mar 29, 2016Hussain Wagar$200$200
Mar 29, 2016Nick Anton$200$10,483
Mar 29, 2016Eugene Pruitt$50$50
Mar 29, 2016Hussein Govani$772$772
Mar 29, 2016Gary Grunau$100$1,194
Mar 30, 2016Kamal Singh$500$500
Mar 30, 2016Dhammi Anirudh$500$500
Apr 4, 2016Kaur Jitender$200$200
Apr 4, 2016Amrit Patel$200$2,676
Apr 4, 2016Jaspreet Gill$500$500
Apr 4, 2016Gurinder Nagra$794$2,495
Apr 4, 2016Diljeet Singh Khahra$100$1,500
Apr 4, 2016Jasjeet Singh$100$2,125
Apr 4, 2016Sumanth Venkat$100$100
Apr 4, 2016Swaran Multani$150$2,450
Apr 4, 2016Ariam Kesete$100$100
Apr 4, 2016Sarie Hashash$200$200
Apr 4, 2016Vikramjit Singh$100$800
Apr 4, 2016Karan Kumar$250$1,251
Apr 4, 2016Puneet Sharma$250$1,251
Apr 4, 2016Daljit Singh$250$250
Apr 4, 2016George Kusak$250$250
Apr 4, 2016Piyush Tiwari$100$500
Apr 4, 2016Gerard Randall$250$2,050
Apr 4, 2016Pardeep Kaleka$150$400
Apr 4, 2016Devendar Singh$200$600
Apr 7, 2016Johnny Moultry$200$200
Apr 7, 2016Ron Roberts$50$250
Apr 7, 2016M. Ikram Chaudhry$300$300
Apr 7, 2016Moira Fitzgerald$200$2,995
Apr 14, 2016Jeff Rappin$475$475
Apr 14, 2016Cecelia Gore$50$150
May 2, 2016Mohammad Javid$500$500
May 2, 2016Mandeep Dhawan$250$4,150
May 2, 2016Shabana Qureshi$250$250
Jun 30, 2016Kiljit Singh$500$500

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