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Abbie Fishman. Photo courtesy of Fishman.

Abbie Fishman

Period: 2021 - January Continuing

Amount Raised: $3,234

Total Contributions: 28

Average Contribution: $115

Median Contribution: $97.5

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Date Name Amount Lifetime All Candidates Personnel File
Nov 17, 2020Fishman Abbie$67$67
Nov 29, 2020Fishman Abbie$249$249
Dec 2, 0202Holzhagen Kurt$20$20
Dec 4, 0202Menefee Lisa Marie$50$50
Dec 7, 0202Fesenmaier Mary Jo$25$25
Dec 13, 2020Lyonsdove Deb$20$20
Dec 15, 2020Lopez Martha$95$95
Dec 15, 2020Fishman Carol$100$100
Dec 15, 2020Vaughn Halyard$850$850
Dec 16, 2020Small Pat$100$100
Dec 16, 2020Maldonado Reyes Jesus$50$50
Dec 16, 2020Fishman Jordan$100$100
Dec 16, 2020Schatzman Margit$100$100
Dec 16, 2020Gremer Andra$20$20
Dec 16, 2020Stein Carol$20$20
Dec 16, 2020Green Betsy$100$100
Dec 16, 2020Buley-Meisner Mary Louise$72$72
Dec 17, 2020Rellin Rosalie$25$25
Dec 17, 2020Brusky Bonnie$50$50
Dec 20, 2020Bellegarde-Smith Patrick$100$100
Dec 21, 2020Riordan Pierce Colleen$100$100
Dec 22, 2020Filz Strawn Sharon$100$100
Dec 27, 2020Katter Kat$50$50
Dec 28, 2020Joan Stroika$350$350
Dec 29, 2020Young Martha$100$100
Dec 30, 2020Cochrane Cathleen$20$20
Dec 30, 2020Ogas Evan$100$100
Dec 31, 2020Kirkland Amy$200$200

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