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Randy Jones

Randy Jones

Period: 2016 - January Continuing

Amount Raised: $2,891

Total Contributions: 30

Average Contribution: $96

Median Contribution: $50

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Date Name Amount Lifetime All Candidates Personnel File
Jul 21, 2015Celestine L Roger$100$100
Aug 6, 2015Sylvester Watson$100$150
Aug 8, 2015Mary C. Utschig$50$75
Aug 8, 2015Randy Jones$49$1,921
Aug 8, 2015Randy Jones$115$1,921
Aug 15, 2015Randy Jones$11$1,921
Aug 15, 2015Randy Jones$9$1,921
Aug 21, 2015Randy Jones$187$1,921
Aug 27, 2015Steven O'Connell$25$45
Sep 5, 2015Michelle Mooney$25$25
Sep 7, 2015Sylvester Watson$50$150
Sep 8, 2015Peter Callen$50$50
Sep 15, 2015Catherine O'Neill$50$75
Sep 25, 2015James Lear$50$50
Oct 28, 2015Jennifer O’Hear$20$20
Oct 30, 2015Randy Jones$34$1,921
Nov 1, 2015Randy Jones$238$1,921
Nov 6, 2015Randy Jones$400$1,921
Nov 6, 2015Randy Jones$11$1,921
Nov 8, 2015Randy Jones$49$1,921
Nov 9, 2015Dennis Briley$100$100
Nov 13, 2015Mary C. Utschig$25$75
Nov 13, 2015Kelly Guthery$200$200
Nov 13, 2015Antoinette Wagner$25$25
Nov 13, 2015Russell L. Borkin$50$50
Nov 21, 2015Randy Jones$400$1,921
Dec 5, 2015Randy Jones$40$1,921
Dec 8, 2015Randy Jones$49$1,921
Dec 12, 2015Randy Jones$329$1,921
Dec 12, 2015Cathleen Callen$50$50

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