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Grant Langley. Photo courtesy of the Public Information Division - City of Milwaukee.

Grant Langley

Period: 2020 - Pre-Primary

Amount Raised: $17,515

Total Contributions: 39

Average Contribution: $449

Median Contribution: $100

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Date Name Amount Lifetime All Candidates Personnel File
Jan 30, 2020Kristian Lars Larsen$200$200
Jan 28, 2020Bernard J. Allen$60$60
Jan 28, 2020Barbara Cooley$50$50
Jan 28, 2020Mike Pflughoeft$25$25
Jan 28, 2020Nick Kotsonis$100$100
Jan 6, 2020Kristian Lars Larsen$10$10
Jan 6, 2020Mary Schanning$3,000$3,000
Jan 13, 2020Edward Ehrlich$100$100
Jan 21, 2020Danielle Bergner$300$300
Jan 23, 2020Patrick McDonnell$50$50
Jan 27, 2020Patricia Fricker$100$150
Jan 28, 2020Brooke Billick$100$100
Jan 28, 2020Aaron Sullivan-Hall$500$500
Jan 28, 2020Joseph Moschella$50$50
Jan 31, 2020Brian Randall$250$250
Jan 28, 2020Andrea Pcot$50$50
Jan 28, 2020Kevin Sullivan$20$20
Jan 28, 2020Vincent and Elyce Elaine Moschella$1,000$1,000
Jan 28, 2020Brian and Heidi Spoerl$100$100
Jan 9, 2020Peter and Kathryn Block$1,000$1,000
Jan 30, 2020Grant Langley$5,000$5,000
Jan 27, 2020John Fuchs$250$250
Jan 27, 2020Michael A.I. Whitcomb$500$500
Jan 27, 2020James and Rebecca Boyle$250$250
Jan 26, 2020Thomas and Sarah Gartner$250$250
Jan 21, 2020Yvonne Zalewski$100$100
Jan 21, 2020James Zalewski$100$100
Jan 26, 2020Rudolph Konrad$1,000$1,150
Jan 28, 2020Thomas Beamish$250$350
Nov 30, -0001 $0$0
Jan 28, 2020James and Andrea Carroll$250$250
Jan 28, 2020Warren Buliox$100$100
Jan 28, 2020Gregg Hagopian$100$100
Jan 28, 2020Thomas and Dana Miller$150$150
Jan 26, 2020Tatyana Arbit$1,000$1,000
Jan 28, 2020Alexander Cossi$100$100
Jan 28, 2020Roger C. Pyzyk$500$500
Jan 31, 2020Lisa Annes$50$50
Jan 28, 2020Jan Smokowicz$500$500

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