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Nik Kovac

Nik Kovac

Period: 2019 - July Continuing

Amount Raised: $9,796

Total Contributions: 52

Average Contribution: $188

Median Contribution: $100

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Date Name Amount Lifetime All Candidates Personnel File
Jan 23, 2019Jason McBrady$400$400
Apr 6, 2019James Gramling$100$100
Apr 8, 2019Robert Giese$50$50
Apr 10, 2019Michael Glorioso$100$200
Apr 11, 2019micbael rosen$100$100
Apr 11, 2019Andy Nunemaker$100$1,250
Apr 15, 2019Michael W Hatch$100$100
Apr 16, 2019Maria Poytinger$100$100
Apr 17, 2019Brian Randall$250$250
Apr 17, 2019Karl Rajani$250$13,285
Apr 17, 2019Benjamin Crichton$500$500
Apr 19, 2019Stephen Chem of$200$200
Apr 22, 2019Gregory James$50$100
Apr 22, 2019Debora h Kern$100$100
Apr 22, 2019Peter Ogden$250$6,222
Apr 22, 2019Reuben Fortier$250$250
Apr 22, 2019Rob Potrzebowski$100$100
Apr 23, 2019f1at‹zo J aramillo$250$250
Apr 23, 2019ChristophE Adams$500$500
Apr 23, 2019James Wiechmann$100$100
Apr 26, 2019Steven Ma rcus$500$500
Apr 30, 2019Matthew Flynn$417$417
May 2, 2019Lafayette Crump$50$1,725
May 2, 2019Colby Hall$100$100
May 2, 2019Leslie Montemurro$100$500
May 2, 2019William Werner$50$50
May 2, 2019Kristyn Eitel$100$600
May 6, 2019Peter Azzarello$200$200
May 6, 2019Richard Pieper$200$200
May 6, 2019Scort Johnson$250$250
May 6, 2019Deborah Farñs$100$100
May 6, 2019Charles Ka hn$150$150
May 8, 2019Dennis Grzezinski$50$1,500
May 8, 2019Maureen Fuhr$30$30
May 8, 2019Prabhu Kasthuriranga$500$500
May 8, 2019David Barnett$50$50
May 8, 2019Max Dermond$200$1,950
May 8, 2019Charles Trainer$150$150
May 8, 2019Phil Schultz$100$100
May 8, 2019Geoffrey Hurtado$100$100
May 8, 2019Angela Westmore$50$50
May 8, 2019Robert Monnat$500$2,200
May 8, 2019Timothy Hoelter$100$2,100
May 8, 2019Peter Kovac$50$50
May 8, 2019Richard Frederick$50$50
May 9, 2019Bonnie Joseph$250$250
May 9, 2019Gregory Marcus$500$500
May 14, 2019Barry Mandel$300$1,850
May 21, 2019Barbara Stein$100$350
May 28, 2019H. Carl Mueller$99$99
May 28, 2019H. Carl Mueller$500$500
Jun 7, 2019Paula Penebaker$50$300

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