Recent Press Releases Referencing Public Works Committee

Resolution to adopt a Green Infrastructure Plan for the City of Milwaukee advances to the Common Council

“The Green Infrastructure Plan will reduce the amount of rainwater that flows into the sewerage system following a wet-weather event.”

Ald. Bob Bauman

Council hearing Wednesday on proposal to lift cap on taxicab permits, create legal path for network company vehicles

The Public Works Committee will hold a special meeting tomorrow to hear testimony on a proposed ordinance lifting the cap on taxicab permits and establishing provisions for vehicle inspections and driver licensing for “network companies.”

Ald. Bob Bauman

City will fight last-ditch effort by cab companies to preserve unfair monopoly

The City of Milwaukee will move forward with plans to issue 100 new taxi cab licenses, even as a group of current taxi owners and operators attempt to thwart the legislative process with a last-ditch federal lawsuit.