Backstage with Mark Metcalf and Alice Austen

    This week on Backstage: Alice Austen is an award-winning Chicago playwright -- who lives in Milwaukee. It sounds like a contradiction, but it's not! Find out why.


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and Rob Goodman

    DID YOU KNOW: The Milwaukee Repertory Theater has more season ticket holders than the Milwaukee Brewers? First Stage Children's Theater Managing Director Rob Goodman is a member of the brand-new Creative Coalition of Greater Milwaukee, a project of the Greater Milwaukee Committee and the Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee.


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and David Begel

    Long-time friends Mark Metcalf and David Begel discuss how they met in a Milwaukee Shakespeare production of The Merchant of Venice, David's long and colorful career that spans the great distance between sports writing, MPS administration and acting on stage, how professional sports are like theater, arts criticism and what it will take to make a more vibrant culture for the arts in Milwaukee. Discussed: national public dance, Mark's tardiness, how the internet just lets you keep going and going.

  • The Milwaukee Sound – Collections of Colonies of Bees

    Fan-Belt's Erin Wolf sits down with Collections of Colonies of Bees to talk about their recent tour to Japan and what the future has in store for this dynamic group.

  • Backstage with Mark Metcalf

    Julia Magnasco of First Stage Children’s Theater

    Mark talks to Julia Magnasco, Education Director of First Stage Children's Theater, about growing up with First Stage - her first kiss (on stage!), getting ready for prom in the dressing room - coming back to Milwaukee for the arts and the importance of teaching young people about theater.

  • Backstage with Mark Metcalf

    Milwaukee Artist Resource Network’s new vision

    In February, the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network announced its first full-time Executive Director, Melissa Musante, former Associate Director of Film Wisconsin, Peck School graduate and independent artist, musician and filmmaker. Mark Metcalf caught up with her to talk about the new MARN web project artinmilwaukee.com, why MARN is not just for visual artists and how the organization is ramping up their efforts in a dark economic time. Listen online now! Backstage with Mark Metcalf: MARN’s Melissa Musante Backstage with Mark Metcalf is produced with WMSE 91.7 FM at the beautiful downtown studio of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Tell your friends!

  • Backstage with Mark Metcalf

    Dave Fantle discusses film incentives

    Following news of the zero-sum game of giant Michael Mann/Johnny Depp production Public Enemies, the budget proposed by Governor Jim Doyle in February would eliminate the Film Wisconsin tax incentives for good, replacing them with a biennial $1 million grant program. Mark Metcalf sits down with Dave Fantle of Visit Milwaukee to get the story.

  • The Milwaukee Sound – John the Savage

    Fan-Belt Milwaukee's Erin Wolf has a seat with six of the seven members of John the Savage.

  • Episode #4 – Jonathan West and Mistaken Identity

    Jonathan West and Mistaken Identity - This week on the ThirdCoast Cast, Mark Metcalf speaks with Jonathan West, the new managing director of the Sunset Playhouse on the changes currently underway at Sunset, and Nick Schurk gets an unexpected and confused call from a surprisingly devoted listener. Enjoy

  • Episode #3 – Beautiful Noise

    Beautiful Noise – This week on the ThirdCoast Cast, Adam Carr describes his experience canvassing for Barack Obama this November, and how he discovered that action precedes change in unusual and unsettling ways.  We’ll also hear from Erin Wolf and Adam Lovinus of Fan-Belt Milwaukee as they attempt to explain why noise rock is beautiful in an interview Brian Whitney, a key player in Milwaukee’s noise rock scene. Play Here Subscribe with iTunes Featured Music: The Off Key – www.myspace.com/airontheoffkey The Daredevil Christopher Wright – www.myspace.com/thedaredevilchristopherwright The Goodnight Loving – www.myspace.com/thegoodnightloving ———————————————————————————————————————————————– Next Week: Mark Metcalf with Jonathan West, and Nick Schurk. Hosted by Noah Therrien

  • Episode #2 – Shakespeare & Copyrights

    Shakespeare and Copyrights – This week on the ThirdCoast Podcast, Mark Metcalf sits down with former Milwaukee Shakespeare artistic director Paula Suozzi to discuss the closing of Milwaukee Shakespeare last October.  The voice of the Brew City Bruisers, Tea Krulos shares his displeasure with copyrighting names and phrases, and Nick Schurk interviews Lee Darrins, a young philanthropist who helps disadvantaged youth with indie rock compilation CD’s. Play Here Subscribe with iTunes Featured Music: The Loose Crew – “Background Check” and “Introspective”  www.myspace.com/loosecrew612 First Aid Kit – “Our Own Pretty Ways”   www.myspace.com/thisisfirstaidkit Amen and the Hell Yeahs – “1820 Columbus Avenue”   www.myspace.com/amenandthehellyeahs Uncle Jerry – “See Rock City Rock”   www.myspace.com/unclelarry  ——————————————————————————————————————————————— Next Week:  Words from Adam Carr on canvassing for Obama and the issue of race, Noah Therrien reports on Captel, a captioned phone service, and the concentration of Riverwest residents employed there, and Fan-Belt gives us their bi-weekly musical report. Hosted by Amy Elliott

  • Episode #1 – The New Media Show

    The New Media Show  – Welcome to the inaugural episode of the ThirdCoast Digest podcast: A weekly mixture of Milwaukee community and culture. On this weeks episode, ThirdCoast Editor-In-Chief Jon Anne Willow speaks about the switch to internet publishing, and shares all that ThirdCoast Digest has to offer. Also on the program, Ted Bobrow tells us his thoughts on the Brew City as a native New Yorker, and Milwaukee music kingpins Fan-Belt give us the 4-1-1 on the “Milwaukee Sound” Play Here Subscribe with iTunes Featured Music: Christine Hoberg – www.myspace.com/christinehoberg Big Fun 4Ever – www.myspace.com/bigfun4ever Juiceboxxx –  www.myspace.com/officialjuiceboxxx —————————————————————————————————– Next Week: Tea Krulos speaks his mind on the downsides of intellectual property, Mark Metcalf sits down with former Milwaukee Shakespeare artistic director Paula Suozzi, and Nick Schurck brings us a very special interview.