Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Mark Metcalf interviews local artists, musicians, filmmakers, arts administrators, writers and other members of Milwaukee’s cultural movement.


    Local filmmaker Tate Bunker

    Mark talks to Tate Bunker, local auteur, DP, nice guy, award winner.


    Kyle Feerick, mortician, musician

    Okay - not a mortician, exactly. But he is the heir to the Feerick Funeral Home legacy. Mark Metcalf interviews the easy-going songster, who's not at all Addams Family (but maybe a little Six Feet Under).



    Mark Metcalf meets Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten, CEO and President, respectively, of 800-CEO-READ, a local company that sells business books and promotes great ideas. (We think THEY'RE a great idea!)


    Carol Grossmeyer

    This week on the podcast, Mark talks to Carol Grossmeyer, former owner of Harry W. Schwartz bookshops and current owner of its sister company, 800-CEO-READ.


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and Alice Austen

    This week on Backstage: Alice Austen is an award-winning Chicago playwright -- who lives in Milwaukee. It sounds like a contradiction, but it's not! Find out why.


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and Rob Goodman

    DID YOU KNOW: The Milwaukee Repertory Theater has more season ticket holders than the Milwaukee Brewers? First Stage Children's Theater Managing Director Rob Goodman is a member of the brand-new Creative Coalition of Greater Milwaukee, a project of the Greater Milwaukee Committee and the Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee.


    Backstage with Mark Metcalf and David Begel

    Long-time friends Mark Metcalf and David Begel discuss how they met in a Milwaukee Shakespeare production of The Merchant of Venice, David's long and colorful career that spans the great distance between sports writing, MPS administration and acting on stage, how professional sports are like theater, arts criticism and what it will take to make a more vibrant culture for the arts in Milwaukee. Discussed: national public dance, Mark's tardiness, how the internet just lets you keep going and going.

  • Milwaukee Artist Resource Network’s new vision

    In February, the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network announced its first full-time Executive Director, Melissa Musante, former Associate Director of Film Wisconsin, Peck School graduate and independent artist, musician and filmmaker. Mark Metcalf caught up with her to talk about the new MARN web project, why MARN is not just for visual artists and how […]

  • Dave Fantle discusses film incentives

    Following news of the zero-sum game of giant Michael Mann/Johnny Depp production Public Enemies, the budget proposed by Governor Jim Doyle in February would eliminate the Film Wisconsin tax incentives for good, replacing them with a biennial $1 million grant program. Mark Metcalf sits down with Dave Fantle of Visit Milwaukee to get the story.