Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Mark Metcalf interviews local artists, musicians, filmmakers, arts administrators, writers and other members of Milwaukee’s cultural movement.

  • Holiday Tales, pt. 5

    The Gift of the Magi

    One season, many voices. This week, Mark Metcalf reads "The Gift of the Magi," O. Henry's beloved tale of love, sacrifice and the true meaning of Christmas.


    Holiday Tales, pt. 4

    One season, many voices. This week, David Begel recalls one particularly magical Christmas involving an elf, a letter to Santa and a beloved family secret.


    Holiday Tales, pt. 3

    One season, many voices. This week, Ex Fabula's Rebecca Segal shares the endearing story of one very madcap Hanukkah celebration overseas.


    Holiday Tales, pt. 2

    One season, many voices. This week, Sunset Playhouse Managing Director Jonathan West tells the story of how he found creative salvation in a talking reindeer.


    The not-so-funny side of teenage improv

    Two Rufus King students share the creative challenges they face on stage as "kids" and the harsh off-stage reality for young performers.


    Improv is for everybody

    Two high school students find their creative salvation on the stage and struggle to be taken seriously - as teenagers and in the world of high art theatre.


    Survivor Stories, pt.4

    There are many medical treatments for breast cancer, but where can women go to heal the emotional trauma of the disease? The answer is as simple as ABCD.


    Survivor Stories, pt.3

    Cancer diagnosis alone is devastating. For some women, the "M" word - Mastectomy - is just as terrifying. Or, in Regina Aringer's case, oddly liberating.


    Survivor Stories, pt. 2

    A new test can sometimes tell women with a family history of breast cancer if they're predisposed to the disease. If you had the gene, would you want to know?


    Survivor Stories

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Backstage begins a new series talking to Milwaukee women in various stages of their own battles with breast cancer.


    The Watchman cometh

    Real-life superheroes -- are they asking for trouble, or empowering communities? Backstage talks to The Watchman about why he got involved in the movement.


    Mad as hell

    And real-life superheroes aren't going to take it anymore. Backstage and TCD go inside the movement with author Tea Krulos.