Newaukeean of the Week

  • Kyle Willkom

    Kyle Willkom

    Kyle Willkom of FOCUS Training says Milwaukee gives people a reason to dance.

  • Andy Monfre

    Andy Monfre

    This lifelong Milwaukeean wants the city to be a leader in fair housing policies and to improve the quality of its schools.

  • Jackie Sitkowski

    Jackie Sitkowski

    She works with Habitat Young Professionals and loves the city's unpretentiousness.

  • Alison Carlucci

    Alison Carlucci

    "Within minutes of arriving in Milwaukee," Carlucci knew this is where she wanted to live.

  • Geoff Sieron

    Geoff Sieron

    An Ohio native learns Milwaukee isn't just a small, cold, gloomy city of beer-swilling cheese heads.

  • Danya Strait

    Danya Strait

    After stops in Madison and Atlanta, Strait realized that Milwaukee is where she wants to be.

  • Angelina Cole

    Angelina Cole

    She came for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel job and discovered a summer with endless events.

  • Brooke Lange

    Brooke Lange

    A dedicated tailgater and polar bear plunge fan who works at Badger Meter.

  • Christian Ott

    Christian Ott

    A Director of "Coffee Education" learns the city isn't dangerous.

  • Scott Nielsen

    Scott Nielsen

    After seven years out of state, Scott Nielsen came back to his favorite city for a job at Rexnord.

  • Kara Navin

    Kara Navin

    A city native who left town, Navin came back to Milwaukee to work with a drop-out prevention program.

  • Jeramey Jannene

    Jeramey Jannene

    Yes, Urban Milwaukee's founder is an immigrant to the city. Why he loves it and would like to see improvements.