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Alison Carlucci

"Within minutes of arriving in Milwaukee," Carlucci knew this is where she wanted to live.

By - May 13th, 2013 12:32 pm
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Alison Carlucci

Alison Carlucci

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to live here?
I grew up moving every two years because my father was in the Marine Corps for 28 years.  The places I’ve lived include South Korea, California’s Mojave Desert and Bay Area, Kansas, Rhode Island, Wyoming and Florida. I moved to Milwaukee in 2008 and didn’t know a single person in this city, let alone Wisconsin.  Choosing to move to Milwaukee was, believe it or not, the very first time I’ve honestly been able to choose, where I wanted to live/grow roots.  I was deciding between a couple different Graduate Schools to pursue a Masters degree in Architecture, and within minutes of arriving in Milwaukee – driving around alone and completely lost with my printed Mapquest directions – I started to fall in love with this city and knew in my gut that this is where I was going to live.

What about Milwaukee makes it a place that you want to work, live, and play?
If you care about this city, its size both urges and enables you to make an impact.  The amount of talented, inspired and inspiring people I’ve met along the way in Milwaukee keeps me here.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
Can I just say Summer?  Well, I’d pick the airshow, only because even if you’re not at the lakefront, you feel like you’re a part of it as those planes fly overhead around town.  I love the noise, I love that people on the street – no matter their age, stop in their tracks and gape up at the sky together.

What is one thing you’d like to change about Milwaukee?
Less red-tape and more prevalent and thoughtful public art of all sizes, shapes and subject matter.

What do you do?
Director of Marketing and PR for Renaissance Theaterworks – I love working in the Third Ward with a group of creative, compassionate and hilarious women.  I’m also a mixed media artist that enjoys all scales of creating – from jewelry to inhabitable sculpture.

2 thoughts on “Newaukeean of the Week: Alison Carlucci”

  1. Juli Kaufmann says:

    Ali may have one of the best quotes I have read on our fair city: “If you care about this city, its size both urges and enables you to make an impact.” Brilliant, and true. What a Milwaukeean you are Ali. We are lucky to have you.

  2. Patti Keating Kahn says:

    Watch carefully, Milwaukee, as this dynamo continues to have an impact on our City! Congrats Ali and thanks for all your energy and good work!

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